The Journey of our Daily Lives – The Circle of Evil – Section 1 – Part 4

The symptoms from the influences of evil eyes, evil tongue and witchcraft

Allah is one; He is the source and centre of all affairs. We must work in discipline harmony, and unity to put down evil. The hereafter is when personal responsibility will be enforced. For the true and sincere servant of Allah (swt) there will always be the highest bliss; and for those who defy Allah’s (swt) laws there will be the deepest enduring misery. Which will men choose?

When conflict becomes inevitable in our lives by this evil disease, we should fight it with constant patience and prayers. If we loose our patience and faith we will become like a zombie, alive but dead. To evil we must put up a strong and stiff resistance, we must never give up. We must fight with all our strength, just like a soldier at war. Instead of guns, our ammunition will be patience, faith, and understanding. As destructive as it may be evil is weakness, and is nothing but a compound of cowardice, greed, jealousy and corruption. When we show faith, and mercy to our loved ones who may be under the influence of this corruption, Allah Almighty will fill our hearts with peace, and mercy will rejoice over us. Without mercy our hearts will become dull and black like ashes from a flame.

I will give an example of how easily evil can affect our children, and how we can help them and ourselves to cope with the evil influences. If we plant a fruit tree and when our tree starts to bear fruit when all of a sudden bugs start to destroy our fruits what would we do? Would we turn our backs on our tree? Or would we hurry up and get some chemical to spray our tree so that we can get rid of the bugs that are destroying our fruits and possibly our tree? This is also an example for us. The tree and the fruits can both be destroyed by evil; the same goes for ourselves and our children if we do not put up a strong fight with prayers and supplications. By the will of Allah (swt) at the end of my discussion I will give a few prayers that will help to get rid of the evil sickness and its influences.

The evil of witchcraft, evil eyes, and evil tongues is similar to the devastating disease of cancer, Allah (swt) forbids if one’s loved ones should fall into the illness of cancer. I am sure we will never turn our backs on them. Well we should have this same patience and mercy if someone we love has fallen into an illness caused by witchcraft. There are many doctors in the world who can tell if someone is sick, what they are sick with, and prescribe medications to relieve their pain and sufferings. There are not many people who can tell, however, when someone is suffering from a spiritual sickness, so this is why I am placing emphasis on this topic, and how people can look after their loved ones who are victims of this spiritual illness (the infliction of evil).

I will now try to explain the state of mind that the victim from the evil tongue, evil eyes and witchcraft will be in. Those who fall into this dramatic illness, their lives will be very devastating for them. They will feel as if they are in a trance and semi-conscious. Due to this state they will not respond to things that are happening in the world, around them, or even to them. In this state of mind they will be very frightened, vulnerable, and insecure. Some of their actions can be extremely annoying. They may appear to be discontented, dissatisfied, moody, grumpy, sulky, disorganized, sullen, and sharp tempered.

It is very hard for them, and for the people in their lives who have to deal every day with them. Faith, prayers, and patience are the cure for this illness. In my opinion this disease of witchcraft leaves lots of innocent people senseless, and it destroys lots of relationships, and marriages. It would be very hard for whoever is a victim of this disease to maintain a relationship, due to their fears and insecurity. They will feel as if they are waking from a very disturbing dream it will be very hard for them to overcome their fears, and due to this they will have no trust in themselves, or in anyone else.

How can we help them with this fear and this insecurity, let us turn to the example of the fruit tree. Let us say that the tree that we planted was growing beautifully, and all of a sudden a storm came and damaged it by tearing the limbs off, or uprooting it, what is the first step that we would take? We would trim the damaged limbs off, fix the root back to its place, and place topsoil, and water it. In other words we would do whatever it takes to help our tree strive again, well this is the same thing we should do for our loved ones. We have to give them lots of love, words of wisdom, advice and be patient with them. Shower them with small gifts of encouragement when they do something good, (like trying to improve their behaviour). We have to constantly pray on them and for them, and also encourage them to pray as well. We also have to constantly advise them, even if it seems like we are repeating ourselves a thousand times, and even if it seems as if they are ignoring you a thousand times. Just do not give up on them. For Allah (swt) is with those people who are patient.

And those who strive in Our (cause),- We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right. 029:069

The victim who is recovering from this evil infliction, for them it will be as if they are waking up from a very long sleep, a new life will begin for them. At times they will be in a daze, when you observe them in this state of mind leave them alone. At times normal life experiences that they should have already observed will seem amazing to them. Even though this may appear silly to us, we should not insult them, because we do not know the great ordeal that they are going through in their lives. They will also have lots of nightmares, and when they come to us regarding their nightmares, we must have patience, and comfort them.

We must realize that they will have a very hard struggle to put their lives back together. I am not exaggerating, and this should not be taken lightly. The aftershock from an earthquake usually causes more damage than the earthquake itself. Waking up from an evil trance can cause the victim to go into a depression. They will be very confused, and have many unanswered questions. Life will be very hard for them to deal with, especially for the ones who do not pray. The victims who are very active in their prayers, Allah (swt) will help them more quickly with understanding wisdom and knowledge of how to cope with life Insha-Allah. For those who do not pray, but believe in Allah (swt), they are the ones who are most likely to fall into a depression, because they would not have the tools to help them fight their battle. These tools are: wisdom, understanding, faith, patience, and courage. These tools will eventually be given to them by Allah (swt) but it may be a slower process than the victims who pray.

The victims will be very difficult to deal with, and very difficult to understand. They will also be very fragile since they will not have any trust, or confidence in themselves, or others. This may also apply to those who pray. Anyone who falls into this illness should not be ashamed of the actions that the evil may have caused them to do. It is not their faults, but after they are free from the clutches of the evil and they decide to return back to their past lives then it may become their own fault. Sometimes the negativity from their past lives can be difficult to overcome, because the evil led them to some form of addiction such as: drugs, alcohol, gambling, lying, or sexual intercourse. Whoever has pushed them into evil will have to answer to Almighty Allah.

O ye who believe! When ye meet a force, be firm, and call Allah in remembrance much (and often); that ye may prosper: 008:045

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