The First Four Caliphs

The First Four Caliphs

  1. Hazrat Abu Bakr, A.S. Appointed as Caliph in (632 A.C- After Christ) complied the Holy Quran in one volume and was given the title of As-Siddeeq.
  2. Hazrat Umar, A.S. Appointed as Caliph (634 A.C- After Christ)
  3. Hazrat Ussman, A.S. Son of Affaan, appointed as Caliph( 644 A.C)
  4. Hazrat Ali, A.S. Appointed Caliph(656 A.C)


The Holy Quran States Chapter 34 verse 29;

“Surely we have sent thee for the whole of mankind.”

The Holy Prophet Mohammad (OWBP) was born in Mecca, Arabia on the morning of 12th day of Rabi-ul-Awwal (April 571 A.D) Nearly 4,090 years after Prophet Noah, 3,000 years after Prophet Abraham, 2,300 years after Prophet Moses, 1,800 years after Prophet David, 500 years after Prophet Jesus, (PBUTA). Prophet Mohammad (OWBP) received Prophet hood at the age of 40, and from then on through the revelation of the Holy Quran that took 23 years, he established the perfect system of life for mankind. He (sadly) died at Medina, another city in Arabia on the afternoon of the 12th day of Rabi-ul- Awwal, 8th June 632 Ad



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