Boys Names

Aabid Worshipper, Adorer
Aabidah Worshipper
Aadila Just, Honest
Aakwab Goblet of gold
Aalam World, Universe
Aamanoo One who accept Faith
Aamaanat Faithful
Aamir Populous, Full, Prosperous
Aaqamussalaat One who establish regular prayer
Aaqib Follower
Aaqil Intellectual, Wise
Aarif Acquainted, Knowledgeable, Expert
Aasal Clear, Lined up
Aashiq Lover, Fancier
Aasim Protector, One who keeps away from sin
Aataina Knowledge (to Allah’s Prophets)
Aazim Determined
Abdul-Aalee Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Ahad Servant of Allah
Abdul-‘Aleem/Alim Servant of the Knowing
Abdul-Azim Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Aziz Servant of the Mighty, the Powerful
Abdul-Bari Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Basit Servant of the Extender, Creator
Abdul-Fatah Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-Ghafur Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Hadi Servant of the Guide
Abdul-Hafiz Servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator
Abdul-Hakeem Servant of the Wise
Abdul-Haleem Servant of the Mild, Patient One
Abdul-Hameed Servant of the Praiseworthy
Abdul-Hannan Slave of the Merciful
Abdul-Haseeb Servant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-Haq Servant of the Truth
Abdul-Jabaar Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Jabir Servant of the Comforter
Abdul-Jaleel Servant of the Revered One
Abdul-Kareem Servant of the Noble and Generous One
Abdul-Khaliq Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Lateef Servant of the Kind
Abdul-Majeed Servant of the Glorious
Abdul-Malik Servant of the King
Abdul-Mateen Servant of the Strong
Abdul-Mueed Servant of the Restorer
Abdul-Muhaymin Servant of the Guardian
Abdul-Muhsin Servant of the Charitable One
Abdul-Munim Servant of the Generous
Abdul-Muqeet Servant of the Sustainer
Abdul-Musawwir Servant of the Fashioner
Abdul-Mutaal Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Muti Servant of the Giver
Abdul-Muiz Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul-Mujeeb Servant of the Responder
Abdul-Mutaali Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Nasser Servant of the Helper
Abdul-Qadir Servant of the Capable
Abdul-Qahar Servant of the Subduer
Abdul-Qudus Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul-Rafi’ Servant of the One Who Elevates
Abdul-Raheem Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul-Rahman Servant of the Mercifully, Gracious
Abdul-Raouf Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdul-Rasheed Servant of the Rightly Guided
Abdul-Razzaq Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider
Abdus-Sabur Servant of the Patient
Abdus-Salaam Servant of Peace
Abdus-Samad Servant of the Eternal
Abdus-Samee’ Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdus-Shakoor Servant of the Thankful
Abdullah Servant of Allah
Abdut-Tawaab Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Wadud Servant of the Loving
Abdul-Wahab Servant of the Giver
Abdul-Wahid Servant of the One
Abul Khayr One who does good
Abbad Worshipper
Abbas Stern, Lion, The Prophet’s Uncle
Abboud Devoted servant
Abd Slave, Servant
Abed Worshipper
Abedin Worshippers
Abrar Pious and Righteous
Adam Father of Mankind, Clay
Adeeb Courteous, Scholar
Adil Just, Honest
Adib Intellectual
Adil Just, honest
Adnan Residing, A Descendant of Isma’il
Afdaal Better
Afeef Chaste, Modest
Afif Virtuous
Affnan Two Gardens in Paradise containing all kinds of delights
Afroze Enlighting
Afsheen Shine like a star
Aftab Sun
Afzal Better, superior
Agha Master, owner
Ahdall Allah’s Promise
Ahlaina Allah has indeed been Gracious to man
Ahmad Commendale, Praiseworthy, see Qur’an, 61:6
Ajwad Most benevolent
Ajeeb Hearing (good news)
Akbar The Greatest
Akif Worshipper in solitude
Akil Intelligent
Akmal Complete, Perfect
Akram Most Generous, Nobler than others
Akwan Universe
Aladdin Faithful
Alam World, Universe
Alaudeen Excellence of Religion
Aleem Expert, Learned
Ali Excellent, Noble, the fourth Khalifa
Allameen The world
Allbab One who have understanding
Almaza Diamond
Altaf Kindness
Aman Safety, Protection
Amal Hope
Ameen / Amin Faithful, Trustworthy
Ameer (Or Amir) Ruler, Prince
Amjad Glorified, Noble
Ammar The builder, constructor, Virtuous
Amr Authority
Amsala Allah set forth parables
Amzad Glory
Anwar Ray of light, Blossoms
Anas Friendliness, Joy, a famous Sahaba had this name.
Anees Close friend
Anjum Stars
Anis Cheerful, Joy, Good company
Ansar Joy of existence, A helper (In the path of good deeds)
Anwar Illuminated, Lights
Anzalna Revealed Judgement of authority
Aqel Wise
Aqwab Goblet of gold
Arfan Gratitude
Arif Learned, Expert
Arman Ideal, Hope
Arsalaan Lion
Arsh Dominion, Crown
Arshaq More elegant, more handsome
Arshshoon A magnificient Throne
Asad Happier, Fortunate, Prosperous
Assad Most of happiness
Asghar Younger, Smaller
Ashaabul The Companions (of the Apostle)
Ashad Better guided, Honest
Asham Dignified
Ashraf More Honorable
Asif Forgiveness
Asim Protector
Aslam Peace, Better, More Perfect, more complete
Aslim One who Bows (to the will of Almighty Allah)
Asim Protector
Asif Forgiveness, Clever, Competent
Aseem Immune
Ataa Gift, Increment
Ateeb Very pious
Atif Compassionate, Kind-hearted
Aulad Wealth
Aws To give
A’waan Helper, Assister
Ayman Lucky, On the right
Ayoub Job, A Prophet’s name
Ayyad Supporter
Azaad Freedom
Azhar Flowers, Blossoms, Shining
Azeem Mighty
Azeez Mighty, Strong, Dearly loved
Azzam Determined, Resolved
A’zam Greatest, Biggest
Baahir Dazzling, Brilliant
Babur Lion
Badar Full moon
Badoona Worship only Almighty Allah
Badr Udeen Full moon of the Faith
Baha Brightness, Magnificent
Bahadur Brave, Bold
Bahaudeen The magnificence of the Faith
Bahr Ocean
Bahir Gentleman, Spectacular
Bakhit Fortunate
Baksh Gift or Fortune
Bakur Precocious
Baligh Eloquent, Learned
Barkat Growth
Barakaat Blessings, Abundance
Basam Smiling
Bashar Bringer of glad tidings
Basharat Good tidings
Basheer Bringer of good news
Basel Brave, Valor
Basit One who stretches, Expander
Behamde The Signs and Praises of Allah
Bilal Freshness, Thrist quencher, The first Muezzin
Bilhaq One who tells the truth
Bishr Joy, Happiness
Bissabray One who have patient
Biyon Speech (of wisdom)
Burhan Proof, Evidence
Bushra Glad tidings
Cadi Luck
Chiragh Lamp, Light
Cowman Guide to the right way
Daa’im Continual
Daamin Guarantor, Surety
Daim Eternal
Dakhil Foreigner, Stranger
Daleel Guide
Dali Competent
Dalil Guide, Leader
Dara Professor, Sovereign
Darvesh Holy man
Dastagir Supporter, Patron
Dawud/Daoud David, Aprophet’s name
Deen Way of life, Faith
Dilawar Brave
Dilbar Lover
Dildar Charming, Beloved
Dildat Charming
Dilshad Happy
Ehsan Powerful
Eijaz Miracle, Inimitability
Eman One’s faith
Emir Prince, To command
Esa Jesus, A Prophet’s name
Faan One who deliver message
Faaz Victorius
Faazoon One who will win the love of Allah
Fadl Generosity, Honorable
Fadlehay Allah’s bounty
Fadullah The excellence of God
Fagfir One who forgives
Fahad Lynx
Faheem Intelligent
Fahhay Pure at heart
Fahim Prudent
Faisal Strong, Handsome, Decisive
Faiyaz Generous, Bountiful
Faiz Superabundance, Effluence
Fakehat Fruits and date palms
Fakhray Honorary
Fakhir Proud, Excellent
Faleh Successful, Winner
Faljaareyaat The wind that flows with ease
Farayheen One with great skills to carve
Faraz Successful,Ascent, Elevation
Fareed Unique
Farehoon Rejoicing (Happy over some good news)
Farhan Glad, Joyful, Cheerful
Farhat Joy, Happiness
Faris Horseman, Knight, Perspicacity
Faruq He who distinguishs truth from falsehood
Farzad Splendid birth
Farzan Wise
Farookh A good judge
Fasjud Fall down in prostration (to your Lord)
Fataaqull Fear Thy Lord
Fataqoon One who is Rightous
Fateen Clever, Smart
Fateh Conqueror, Victorious
Fath Victory, Triumph, Success
Fatin Intelligent, Clever, Smart
Fawad Heart
Fawaz Successful, Prosperous
Fayyad Generous, Magnificent
Fayyaz Generous, Bountiful, Gracious
Fazal Grace
Fazil Excellent, Learned, Victorious,
Fedden Aid in Religion
Feekum One who is amoung the Believers
Feesabeel One who work in the way of Allah
Feezallayka Allah signs are everywhere (for those who understand)
Feroz Shinning
Feyagfirro One who forgives (easily)
Fida Redemption, Sacrifice
Firdaus Heaven
Firoz/Firouz Victorious, Gift
Fouzull Supreme
Faud Heart
Furhamoon One who received Allah’s Mercy
Gabbar Strong, Proud
Gameel Handsome
Gafoor Forgiving (One who has mercy in his heart)
Ghali Dear, Beloved, Precious
Ghalib Victorious
Ghareeb Needy, Humble, Stranger
Ghani Self-Sufficient
Ghazi Conqueor, Hero
Ghulam Slave, Servant, Youth
Gul Flower
Gulab Rose
Gulzar Garden
Habeeb Lover, Friend
Habibullah Allah’s friend
Habil Abel
Hadi Guiding to the right
Hadid Iron (very strong)
Hafiz Protector, Guardian
Haider Lion
Hakeem One with wisdom
Hakim Wise
Halim Man with great patience
Hamdi Thankful, Commendable
Hameed Praiseworthy, The ever-praised
Hamid Praising (Allah)
Hammad Thankful, Praising (Allah)
Hamman Courageous
Hamza Lion
Hanbal Purity
Hannan Beautiful, Compassionate
Haneef/Hanif Upright, True
Hani Happy, Delighted, Content
Haroon Aaron, A Prophet’s name
Harith Plowman
Haseeb Reckoner
Haseef Judicious, Wise
Hashim Generous, Destroyer of evil
Hashmat Happy, Decency, Glory
Hassan Handsome, Son of Ali
Hatim Judge, Decisive
Hayat Life
Haytham Young hawk
Hazim Strict enforcer
Hezbullah The Party of Allah
Hidayat Guidance, Instruction
Hisham Generosity
Hudammir True guidance from Allah
Hud A Prophet’s name
Hukman Authority
Humam Courageous and generous
Hussein Beautiful, Handsome
Hussamudeen The sword of the faith
Husam Sword
Huzaifah Curtailed, Shortened
Ibrahim Abraham, A Prophet’s name
Idress Teacher, A Prophet’s name
Iftekhar Pride, Honor
Ihsaan Kindness, Good Charitable deed
Ikhlas Sincerity, Purity
Ikmal Perfection
Ikram Honor, Hospitality, Generosity
Imadudeen The pillar of the Faith
Imad Support, Pillar
Imam Leader (righteous)
Imdad Help, Aid, Support
Imran Powerful, Father of Maryam
Imtiyaz/Imtiaz Excellence, Previlege, Honor
Inaam Riches
Inayat Bounty, Kindness, Favor
Insaf Justice, Fairness, Equity
Insan Man (Allah Servants)
Insanally Follower of Ali
Iqbal Prosperity, Responsivness, Affluence
Irfan Thankfulness, Gratitude
Irshad Guidance, Direction, Order
Isa Jesus, A Prophet’s name
Is-haq Issac, A Prophet’s name
Ishraq Radiance
Ishrat Happiness, Companionship
Isma’il Ishmael, A Prophet’s name
Issam Safeguard
Izzudeen Might of the Faith
Jaafar River
Jaan Life, Soul
Jabbar Mighty, Brave
Jabir Consoler, Comforter
Jabran Penalty, Reward
Jad Curly, Beneficent
Jahazerim Provision
Jafar Rivulet, Stream
Jalall Glory of the Faith, Majesty
Jaleel Respectable, Great
Jamaal Beauty, Grace
Jamal Udeen Beauty of the Faith
Jameel Handsome, Beautiful
Javed Immortal, Living
Jawad Openhanded, Generous
Jabril Gabriel
Jihad Strive for
Jeybalo The Mountains (Allah’s miracle)
Junaid Fighter with enormous strength
Kafeel Responsible, Sponsor
Kahil Friend, Lover
Kaif Pleasure, High spirts
Kaleel Friend
Kaleem Speaker, Talker
Kamal Perfection, Complete
Kamaluddin Perfection of Faith
Kamar The Beautiful Moon
Kamil Perfect, Complete
Kamran Successful, Blessed, Fortunate
Karaamat Generousity, Excellence,Nobility
Karam Noble nature
Karim/Kareem Generous, Noble, Friendly
Kareem Generous, Noble
Kaseer Plentiful
Kashif Revealing, Discoverer
Kasib Winner, Provider
Kasim Lovely
Katib Writer
Kauthar Ample, Abundant
Kaysan Wise
Kazalleka Revealed (The Trith)
Kazim Well tempered, Patient, Beguile
Khabeer Expert, Skillful
Khabir All-Informed, Aware, Generous
Khadim Servant of God
Khair Excellent, Benevolent
Khairat Benevolence, Charity
Khaleed Abiding
Khaleel/Khalil Friend, Inner self
Khalid Eternal, Everlasting
Khan Leader, Lineal descendant of Genghis Khan
Kharim Generous
Khateeb Orator, Preacher
Kitab Scripture
Khurram Cheerful, Happy
Khurshid Sun
Kibriya Grandeur, Glory
Khayri One who does Good
Khawaja Mister, A Spiritual title
Labib Intelligent
Lahum Garment
Lamaan Flash, brightness
Lamee Bright, Shining
Lasani Incomparable
Latafat Elegence
Latif Kind, Gentle, Pleasant
Liaqat Fitness, Ability
Luqman Wise, A Prophet and Surah in Qur’an
Lutfi Kind and friendly
Maan Speaker
Maasomn Immune
Madani Civilised
Magfirrat Allah’s Forgiveness
Mahdy Guided to the right path
Mahfooz Preserved, Safe, Memorized
Mahir Shilled
Mahmoud Praised, Exalted
Mahroof Equitable (terms)
Majdy Glorious
Majeed Glorious
Majid Glory
Maimun Lucky
Makeen/Makin Strong, Firm
Makram Benevolent
Maleeh Handsome
Malih Handsome
Malik King, Master
Mamdouh One who is commended, Praised, Glorified
Mamnoon/Mamnun Trustworthy
Mandood Flowers (or Fruits) in a pile
Mannashaw Allah raise to degree of wisdom (whom he pleases with)
Mannaan Benefactor, Bountiful
Mansur/Mansoor Aided (by Allah), Victorious
Manzoor/Manzur Acceptable, Admired
Maqbool/Maqbul Popular, Accepted
Maqsood/Maqsud Intended, Proposed
Marab Desire, Wish
Marah Very happy
Marjaan Small pearls, Corals
Maruf Known, Accepted
Marwan Solid
Marzuq Blessed, Fortunate
Mashhur Famous
Masud/Masood Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Mashhoor Famous, Eminent
Mashkoor Praiseworthy, Thankful, Grateful
Masun Well protected
Mazhar Manifestation, Image
Meaad Promise
Mehboob Lover, Beloved
Mikdad Hero
Mikha’il Michael
Minhaj Way, Program
Mirza Prince
Misbah Lamp
Miyaz Distinguished, Preferred
Mohajiroon One who leaves home for the sake of Allah
Moheen One’s Faith
Monadi Caller
Moneeb Compassionate
Moreeb OOne who is concerning over some one
Mosama For a term appointed by Almighty Allah
Motaz Proud
Motee Obedient
Moyeen Supporter
Muammar Senior
Muathz Protected
Muazzam Exalted, Esteemed
Mubarak Blessed, Auspicious, Happy
Mubashir Spreader of good news
Mubeen Obvious, Bright
Mueen One who helps
Mueez One who gives perfection
Mufeed/Mufid Respected person,Useful
Mufleheen One who achieve Salvation
Mufti Jurist, Expounder of Islamic Law
Muhammad Highly Praised, Name of the Prophet of Islam
Muhsin Beneficent, Charitable
Muhtadeen The right direction (on a straight path)
Muhtady Rightly guided
Muhafiz One who protects
Muhib One who loves, Friend
Muhsin Benefactor, Benevolent
Muhtadee Rightly guided
Muizz Honored, Respected
Mujahid Fighter (in the way of Allah)
Mujeeb Responsive, Granting
Mujeer Protector, Defender
Mujtaba The Chosen one
Mukarram Respected, Honored
Mukhtar Chosen, Authorized
Mu’min Believer
Mumtaz Excellent, Exquisite
Munaf Exalted, Esteemed
Munawwar Illuminated, Enlightened
Munazir Similar, Like
Muneeb One who turns in repentance, Great giver
Muneef Exalted, Eminent
Muneer/Munir Brilliant, Shining
Munjid Helper
Munsef Just
Muntasir Victorious, Triumphant
Munzthir Warner, Cautioner
Muqaddas Sacred
Mureed Follower, Student, Desirous
Murtaza Favorite, Selected, Chosen
Musa Moses
Mushin One who does good, Benefactor
Mushtaaq Yearning
Mushreeq Bright light
Mursaleen Apostle
Mutaza The generous, The giving
Musa Moses, Aprophet’s name
Musaddiq One who confirms or verifies another
Musharraf One who is honored, Exalted
Mushtaq Longing, Fond, Wishful
Muslim Submitting himself to God
Mustaeen Seeker for the truth
Mustaqeem Straight Path
Mustafa Chosen One
Mustay Forgiveness ( From Almighty Allah)
Mutadoon Right Guidance
Mutaqeen Those who fear Almighty Allah
Mutasim Adhering (to Faith, to God)
Mutazz Proud, Mighty
Muwafaq Successful
Muzzammil One who is wrapped up
Naa’il Acquirer, Earner
Naaz Pride, Delicacy
Naazim/Nazim Arranger, Organizer
Naazir Observant, Spectator
Nabeeh Noble, Outstanding
Nabeel Noble, Outstanding
Nadir Dear,Rare
Nadeem Intimate, Friend
Naeem Comfort, Ease, Tranquil
Najat Salvation
Najeeb Of Noble desent
Najed Helper
Naji Safe
Najm Star
Namir Good, Pure
Naqeeb Leader, Chief
Naseeb Luck, Fortune
Naseeh Preacher, Advisor
Nasheed Song
Nasif Just
Nasrallah The Victory of Allah
Nasrudeen Protector of the faith
Nassar Sustainer
Naseem Fresh air, Breeze
Nasser/Nasir Helper, Friend, Protector
Nasrullah Allah’s victory
Naushad Happy
Nawaz Prince, Kind, Loving and generous
Nawwar Iiiuminator
Nayyar Luminous, Radiant
Nazam Order, Discipline
Nazar Beauty, Grace
Nazeef Clean, neat
Nazir To warn, Observer
Nazeeh Pure, Chaste
Nazeer Few, One who warns
Nazem/Nazim Organizer, Arranger
Ni’mat Blessing, Grace
Nizam Ruler
Nizamuddin Disciple of the Faith
Nuh Noah, A Prophet’s name
Nur/Noor Light
Nurani Bright Light
Nuri Shining, Brightness
Nurudeen Brightness of the Faith
Nusrat Help, Support, Victory
Nuzur The warning of Thy Lord
Obaib Small slave
O’neeb One who trust and take refuge in Almighty Allah
Omar Life, Long living
Ossama Lion
Owais Gifted, Bestowed
Parvaiz Fortunate, Happy
Peer/Pir Leader
Qa’id Steersman, Leader
Qa’im Upright, Stable
Qaabil Acceptor, Next, Able
Qaari Reciter (Holy Quran)
Qabus Handsome
Qadeem Ancient, Antique
Qadeer/Qadir Powerful, Capable, Strong
Qaid Leader, Guide
Qadri Destiny
Qamar Moon
Qasim Divider, Judge
Qudamah Courageous
Qudrat Power, Authority, Ability
Qurban Offering, Sacrifice
Qutaybah Irritable, Impatient
Raafat Kindness, Compassion
Raamiz Symbolic
Raaqeem Writer
Rabah Gainer
Rabbani Divine
Ra’ed Leader, Pioneer
Raeef Very sympathetic
Raef Merciful
Rafi High ranking, Noble
Rafeek Friend, Companion
Rahat Response, Comfort
Raheem Most Compassionate
Rahim Kind hearted, Merciful
Rahman Compassion, Merciful (Allah)
Rahmat Allah’s Mercy
Raif Merciful
Raja Wish, Hope
Rakin Respectful
Rameez Intelligent, Dignified, Symbol
Ramzan Celebrate (Allah’s praises)
Raouf Most Merciful
Rasam Illustrator
Rashad Wisdom, Guidance to truth, Wisdom
Rashedoon One who walks in Righteousness
Rasheed Intelligent, Rightly guided
Rashid Rightly guided, Having the true Faith
Rasul/Rasool Messenger
Rauf Compassionate, Merciful, Kind
Rateb Firm
Raza/Reza Handsome, Wish, Contentment
Razak Provider
Rehman Kind hearted
Rehmat Kind
Riaz Garden, Devotion
Rida Contentment
Ridwan Acceptance, Good will, Name of keeper of gates of Heaven
Riyad Orchards, Gardens
Riyaz Garden
Rizqa Favors and Sustenance of Almighty Allah
Rizwan Satisfaction, Contentment
Roshan Bright, Shinning
Ruhani Spiritual
Ruhi Spiritual
Rukanah Firm, Solid
Rustum Brave fighter
Sa’ad Fortune, Good luck
Sa’aadat Happiness, Bliss
Saabir Patient, Enduring
Saafir Ambassador, Handsome
Saahir Charming, Wakeful
Saajid One who serves Allah
Saalih/Saaleh Good, Virtuous
Saaloot Saul
Saariyah Clouds at night
Sabaah Morning, Bright
Sabir/Saber Patient
Saboor Very Patient
Sabri Patient, Self-controlled
Sabuh Bright, Radiant
Sadoon Happy
Sadeqeen One who speaks the truth
Sadik/Sadiq Truthful
Saeed Blissful, Auspicious
Safi Pure, Pious
Safir Mediator, Ambassador
Safraz Divine ruler
Safiy Best friend
Safwan Clean, Pure
Sahib Companion, Follower
Said Happy, Lucky
Saif Sword
Saifudeen Sword of the Faith
Sakhaawat Generosity, Suppleness
Salam Peace, Salutation
Salaamat Soundless, Integrity
Salah Righteousness
Salahudeen The righteousness of the Faith
Saleem Sincere, Sound, Safe, Perfect
Salih Good, Righteous
Salim Happy, Peaceful, Secure
Salman Peaceful, Safe, Healthy, Highest peak
Salut Saul
Salsabeel Fountain in Jannat
Saman Famous
Samee-ul-Aleem The All Knowing, Hearing
Sameer Jovial, Pleasant
Sameh Forgiving
Sami High stature
Samir Entertaining companion
Sardaar Commander, Head
Sarfaraz Respected, Blessed
Sattar Veiler, The coverer
Saud Fortunate, Good luck
Sayid Master
Shaad Happy, Cheerful
Shabab Fresh
Shadid Powerful
Shadeed Faith and Strength from Allah
Shafeeq Compassionate, Tender
Shah Ruler, Persian title for King
Shahab Comet
Shahadat Witness, Evidence
Shahedeen Witness to one’s Faith
Shaheen Soft, Gentle
Shahab Shooting star
Shaheer Famous
Shahid Witness,Deponent
Shahir Well known, Famous
Shahrukh Face of the King, Concerning
Shafee Intercessor
Shafiulla Purity of Allah
Shahadat Witness
Shaheem Intelligent
Shahir Well known, Famous
Shai-un-Aleem Perfect knowledge
Shakeel Handsome
Shakir Graceful, Thankful
Shakoor Very thankful
Shamsuddin Light (torch) of Islam
Sharaf Honour
Sharafat Nobility, Good manners
Shareef Distinguished, Noble, Eminent
Shareek Partner
Sharif Honest
Shaukat Prestige, Richness
Shaykh Head, Teacher
Shaz Rare
Shazad King, Emperor
Shawan Full of desires
Sherif/Shereef Illustrious
Shihab Flame, Blaze
Shiraz Loving, Caring, Sweet
Shu’aib Jethro
Shuhada Witness to the truth
Siddiq Friend, Righteous
Sikandar Name of a famous Sovereign
Siraaj Lamp, Light
Sirhan Wolf
Subhaan Glorifying, Allah’s Grace
Subhy Early morning
Sufyaan Owner of many ships (Rich)
Suhail Gentle, Easy, Group of stars
Suhayb Of reddish hair or complexion
Sulaiman Solomon, A Prophet’s name
Sultan King, Emperor, Authority
Suroor/Surur Happiness, Joy
Syed Always in control
Taabish Warmth, Brilliance
Taahir Pure, Chaste, Modest
Taai Obedient, Willing
Taalib Candidate, Student
Taamir One who knows date
Taariq/Tariq Morning stsr, Nightcomer
Taatheer Effectiveness, Impression
Tabaarak/Tabarak Hallowed, Magnified
Taban Resplendent, Glittering
Tabish Glow, Warmth, Brilliance
Tafazzul Courteousness, Beneficence
Taheem Pure
Tahir Pure, Chaste, Clean, Modest
Tahmeed/Tahmid Praising
Tahoor Purity
Taif Vision, Spectre
Taimullah Servant of Allah
Tajwar King, Crowned
Talal Nice, Admirable
Talat Countenance, Prayer
Taleem Education, Instruction
Talha Kind of tree
Talhim Tall and Beautiful trees
Tameem Perfect, Complete
Tameez Discretion, Sense, Manners
Tamir Rich, One who knows dates
Tammam Generous
Tamman Complete, Perfect
Tanveer/Tanvir Illumination, Rays of light
Tanweer Lighting
Tanzeel Revelation, Receiving hospitably
Taqi Godfearing, Pious, Devout
Tareef/Tarif Rare, Uncommon
Tariq The morning star, Night traveller
Tasawwur Imagination, Conception
Taskeen Pacification
Taslim Submission
Tasneen A heavenly fountain
Tasreef A change of the wind (Allah’s grace)
Taqamoo One who remains firm on the righteous path
Taqull One who fear Almighty Allah
Taqwa Righteousness
Tareef Rare, Uncommon
Tarfah Kind of tree
Tariq Morning star
Tasreef A change of the wind (Allah’s grace)
Tauhid Belief in the unity of Allah
Tauqeer Honor, Respect
Tawfeeq Success, Divine help or guidance
Tawseef Praise
Tayseer Facilitation
Tayyeb/Tayyab Good heart, Pure, Generous
Teeshan In new splendour
Thaabit Firm
Thaman Price, Worth
Thani Second
Thaqib Shooting Star
Toufeek Conciliation
Towwab One who seek Forgiveness
Ubada Obedient to God
Ubaid Servant of God, Faithful
Ubaidah Servant of God
Ulfat Love, Affection, Intimacy
Umar Life, long living
Urooj/Uruj Rise, Mount
Usamah Description of a lion
Usman Slave
Uthman The third Khalifa
Uzayr Precious
Waahid One, Alone, Unique
Waaresun Heirs to Paradise
Waasi Custodian
Wadee Calm, Peaceful
Wadeed Affectionate, Friendly
Wadi Calm, Peaceful
Wadid Lovable
Wadood/Wadud Affectionate, Loving
Wafeeq Successful
Wafi Faithful, Loyal, Complete
Wahab Kind hearted, Giving
Wahdat Unity, Loneliness
Waheb Beneficent
Waheed Unique, Single, Unequalled
Wa’il Coming back (for shelter)
Waiz Behold
Wajalle Honorable
Wajeeh Noble
Wajid Achiever, Discoverer, Possessor
Wakeel Agent, Reprehensive
Wakil Lawyer, Second in command
Wala Loyalty
Waleed Newborn child
Wali Ruler, Guardian
Waliyullah Supporter of God
Wannahar Gardens and Rivers (in Paradise)
Waqar Dignity, Sobriety, Honor
Wareed Brave
Warif Blooming, Exteding
Waris Heir, Successor
Wasabbeh One who Celebrate (The praises Allah)
Wasbir One with Patience
Waseef Best in form
Waseem/Wasim Graceful, Handsome, Good looking
Wasil Considerate
Wassamaa The Glorious Sky
Wattaqu Guard (against evil)
Wazen Perfect
Wazir/Wazeer Minister
Yaajtabe Allah choose to Himself those whom He please with
Yaasir/Yasir Wealthy, Easy
Yafahlo Accomplish ( Only the good things)
Yahdee The Righteous path
Yahshaw Allah do whatever pleases him
Yahya John , A Prophet’s name
Yaqeen Belief
Yaqub Jacob, A prophet’s name
Yasar Ease, Wealth
Yasir Wealthy, Easy
Yasjudan In Adoration
Yaseen One of the Prophet Muhammad’s names
Yazdaan Merciful, kind
Yazeed/Yazid To increase, Grow, Enhance
Youhebull One who Almighty Allah Loves
Yunus Jonah, A Prophet’s name
Yursala Allah’s command (one should obey)
Yusuf Joseph, a Prophet
Zaahid Hermit, Devotee, Ascetic
Zaahir Bright, Shining
Zaeem Chief, Leader
Zafar The best, Victory, Triumph
Zafir Victorious, Winner
Zaheen Ingenious, Intellectual
Zahid Self denying, Abstemious, Ascetic
Zahir Bright, Friday moon
Zahoor/Zahur Ostentation, Manifestation, Prominent
Zaid/Zayd Increase, Growth, Abundance
Zaim Leader, Chief
Zain Beauty, Pretty
Zakar Handsome
Zakarool One who engage in remembrance of Allah
Zakee Pure
Zakariya Zachariah, A Prophet’s name
Zakir Remembering, Grateful, One who praises Allah
Zakkaro One who received admonition from Allah
Zaman Time, Age, Era
Zameer Conscience, Mind, Heart
Zamil/Zameel Friend, Companion, Collegue
Zamin A surety, Sponsor, Security
Zanjabeel Wine from Jannah
Zarar Brave
Zareeyat The Glorious Wind
Zarif/Zareef Elegant, Witty, Smart
Zeeshan High in dignity, Splendid, Magnificient
Zia Light, Glow, Splendour
Ziyad Extra, More, Superabundance
Zubaid Cream, Butter
Zubair Strong person, Firm
Zubor The Sacred Book
Zufar Brave, Lion
Zuhayr/Zuhair Bright
Zuhoor Appearing, Manifestation, Arising
Zulfiqar The cleaver of vertebrae, Ali’s sword
Zunteqam Retribution
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