Fountain of Healing

The Fountain of Healing

For a very sick person

If a person recites:

‘Bismilla Hir Rahman Nir Raheem Ya Salaamo’ 3000 or 300 times at the bedside of a very sick person, then blow 3 times on the sick person head twice daily, the sick person will by Allah’s (swt) mercy either recover soon (or if death is near) he or she will die very peacefully.

For bleeding (pile) and for swelling

Recite over pure water ‘Ya Alee-o’ 1000 times, blow three times over water and drink. Allah willing bleeding will stop, and swelling will subside.

For Cholesterol and Diabetes

Recite over pure water:

Rabbin Surnee Salaam-mun- Qowlam mir Rabbir Raheem’

( O! my Lord; help me, peace from a Lord Most merciful)

For 121 times. Allah (swt) willing ease will come.


For grieving heart

Recite over pure water: ‘Ya Zaljalay Wal Iqram’  300 times then blow 3 times over the water, and give it to the grieving person to drink. Allah (swt) willing grieve will subside.

For headaches

Put both hands on the head and recite :

‘Ya Mujeebo, Ya Jabaro Ya Salaamo’ 11 times then bring your hands down and blow 3 times in the palms of your hands and rub the face and head, repeat this for three times. Allah’s (swt) willing pain will subside.

For nervouness, pinching or cramping in the body or numbness

Recite: ‘Ya Wasayo Ya Majeedo’ for 75 times over honey and  blow 3 times over the honey, then mix it with pure water also add a pinch of salt in the water then drink it.  Do this for 7 days or whenever you wish to, Allah’s (swt) willing one will be okay.

For pain in the eyes

Ya Rahmano, Ya-Alee-o, Ya Shakooro’

For pain in the eyes recite Wazeefa for 41 times over pure water, blow 3 times after in water then wash the eyes (or head) with half of it and drink the other half of it (this is useful for headache as well).

For Pain in the head, chest, stomach, knee, hands, feet, back etc.

Recite any of the Waseefa’s below over it (pain) or in water and drink it.  Make sure to blow 3 times after reciting Wazeefa over water or on the pain, Allah’s (swt) willing there will be no more pain, or the pain will be reduced

Yaa Muh-yee 111 times

Ya Zall Jalallay Wal Iqram 101 times

Ya Azeemo 121 times

‘Ya Alee-o’ 300 times

For women to conceive etc.

Yaa Mun a Mo

A woman who bears no child, or does not conceive should be eating 7 pieces of apple where the Name of Allah (swt) is written in Arabic on each piece, this practice is to be done within 7 days in each month of the year, Allah (swt) wiling one will conceive within 3 months or within the same year. (Al Hamdo Lilla) a few people conceive like this already. By Allah (swt) Grace i was able to pray for them and give this apple to them with Allah’s (swt) Name written on it, also Taweez to drink with Allah (swt) Name written on it. Praise Allah (swt) Almighty two miraculous babies were born with Allah (swt) Almighty beautiful name written, on their forehead.  I am only putting this for the benefit of those who do not believe in Wazeefas, Du’a water and Taweez. These two miraculous babies are the living proof of this fact and both babies parents are converts. Masha Allah.

Yaa Mubdi o.

This Name of Allah (swt) Almighty is also for the same purpose as the above only the husband has to feed his wife the apple with this Wazeefa. Allah (swt) willing a pious baby will be born.

If a child is missing, one must write: ‘Yaa Muhsee’ in Arabic and hang it on a tree, if the child is alive, Allah (swt) will bring him or her back within 21 days.

A woman that has grown weak on account of pregnancy and hard for her to bear the burden, she must recite all day long:  ‘Innalaha Qaweeyun Azeez’. Allah (swt) will make her days pass easy and baby will also be born with ease, she can also recite the same 121 time over water and drink it.

 Rabee hablee minas Swalayheen

O my Lord! Bless me with a pious child

Recite this for 41 times then: ‘Yaa Shakooro’ 1000 times.

Make sure to recite this Du’a (below as well) 100 times every day from the time one gets pregnant onwards.  Also give something in charity whatever you can afford.  A woman who does not have children should pray Nafl (if possible) then recite this Du’a 41 times then Darood 11 times and make humble supplication after, this practice should be done for 5 days straight in each month. Allah (swt) Almighty would bless such a one with a pious child. Ameen

Rabbee Aqraman nay Shukur Allah (100 times daily)

My Lord!  Has honored me, thank you Allah (swt).

Rabbe Hablee Milladunka Zuree yatan, tie yabatan inaka samee ood du’a

O my Lord! Grant unto me from Thee a progeny, that is pure: For Thou art He that hearth all prayers.  Do the same practice as above for these two Du’as, but recite it for 313 times daily until Allah (swt) willing a pious baby is born. Ameen

Guidance for Children

Those who have small children put them together twice daily and recite any one out of these Du’a below, read  Du’as on them and blow 3 times on their head and their body, Allah (swt)  willing they would be protected from all harm and evil infliction. Ameen Recite Du’a for 21 times (recite over their food as well for 133 times)

Rabbee Ma Anna kum tan taqoon.

O my Lord! Help them to speak intelligently to each other.

Children that are always fighting with each other, the parent can put their hands on their head and recite this Du’a for 21 or 41 times then blow 3 times on their heads, or recite for 133 times over their food or drink and feed them every day until Allah (swt) willing good relations step in.

Insha Allah Fee Jannatin Naeem.

By Allah’s (swt) will (you) they will be in gardens and happiness

Very beautiful Du’a to bless one’s child.  When you receive good news about your child or any over one recite this Du’a right away Allah (swt) willing the Angel of Mercy would be at one’s side always.

Rabbee la yaa masooho, moos- soo O, walam yah zanoon.

O my Lord!  No evil shall touch them, nor shall they grieve.

To seek Allah’s (swt)  protection from all harm and evil inflection or danger, for your child or your loved ones make sure to recite this Du’a for 21 times and blow 3 times on loved ones before they leave the house.  You can do the same for yourself as well.  Allah (swt) willing one will be well protected.

Rabbee waqay hay muss sai a ahtay.

Oh my Lord! Preserve them from all ills.

One’s child will not get any harassment from anyone if the parents put their hands on the child’s head and recite this Du’a for 21 times, and blow 3 times on the child then see them off to school etc.  Allah (swt) will protect them safely until they return home.  The child (or children) will receive great respect.

Allaho ajran Hasanna

May Allah (swt) give thee a goodly reward in both worlds. Ameen

Important Du’a to express gratitude, Allah (swt) willing one who receives blessings from such bounty will grow virtuously, humble and truthfully.

Rabbee wazidnahum Hoda

Oh my Lord! Advance them in guidance

One who has a disobedient son or daughter one must recite this Du’a for 1000 times, over their food or drink 3 days a week, blow three times over the food or beverage.  Or one can also read this Du’a 133 times daily or put hand on child’s head and recite 11 times every day for 21 or 41 days. Allah (swt) willing the child will be on the right path

Rabbee Faman Shaw At-takaza Illa Rabbehay Sabeela

Oh my Lord! Let him (or her) take a straight path to you (his Lord)

Put hand on child’s head and recite Du’a for 11 times then blow on the child head. Also 41 times in drinks, blow 3 times after. Do this practice of 21 or 41 days, Allah (swt) willing the child would be very pious and wise.

Rabee Goolamin Aleem.

O my Lord! Make my son endowed with wisdom

With Allah’s (swt) help a child would be very bold and bright if the parents

Recite any one out of these Du’a for 121 times after Farz Namaz and seek Allah’s (swt) Blessings for their child or children in their humble supplications.

Ya Allah Balaa Wahuwall Kalaa Qul Aleem.

Allah (swt) is He the Creator, Supreme of Skill and Knowledge.

Allah (swt) willing one child will be very bright and bold in skill and knowledge if the parents recite this Du’a for 75 times daily, blow in child’s favorite beverage and give it to them, do this practice for 21 or 41 days. Ameen

Rabbe wabar rah ran bewalay datee wal lam yaj alnee jabaran shaqeeya

O my Lord! Make me kind to my mother and not overbearing or miserable. Very important Du’a to teach ones child.

Sa yaj ah lull laho bah da oosreen yuss ra.

After a difficulty Allah (swt) will soon grant relief.

Teach ones child to recite this Du’a for 41 times daily and blow on themselves Allah (swt) will protect them from oppressors.

Ya Allah Rajumall lish shayateen nim mareed.

O Allah (swt) drive away the evil spirit.

Put hand on child head and recite this for 21 times and blow on the child’s head 3 times, do this three times daily, after sunrise, after sunset and then at bedtime before they go to sleep. Allah (swt) willing they will be protected from all kinds of evil dreams.

Rabbee wa zidna hom hooda

O my Lord! Advance them in guidance. Also recite this for 75 times on their food or drink and feed it to them. Make sure you blow 3 times over the food or drinks. Allah (swt) will give guidance, also blow on them before they leave the house to school etc.

Rabee zidni ilma

O my Lord! Advance me in knowledge (important to teach children)

Recite Du’a 41 times and then blow 3 times on children. By Allah (swt) grace they would behave well.

Rabee Howa Yeh Shooroo Hum, Besalamin Aahmay Neena.

O my Lord! Gather them together in peace and in security (and love for each other)

To keep child away from following bad company, recite this Du’a for 500 times for 21 or 41 days or nights, then make Du’a, Allah (swt) will guide ones child for sure. Ameen

Rabee Fall Faray Qaatay Far Kan.

O my Lord!  Separate them one from another

This Wazeefa is for a loved one that is going astray or a husband that is having an affair, or a child that has become caught up with some disrespectful friends.

One must recite this Wazeefa for 500 times for 5 days, then 1000 times for the next five days, then 3000 times for the next 5 days so in all the total number of times this Wazeefa will be recited will equal 4500 in 15 days.  After reciting the Wazeefa one must pray Nafl and make humble supplication Allah (swt) willing one’s loved one will keep away from negative company.

Rabbee gullamin Aleem Wa Ataina Hul Hiqmatt wa fas lul kitaab

Oh my Lord! Endow my son with knowledge and give him wisdom and sound judgment in speech and decision.  Ameen   After Namaz or without Namaz recite 133 times, blow on child and blow in their favorite food or beverage. Do this practice for 21 days. Allah (swt) willing child will be very knowledgeable. Ameen

Yaa Allah ah tie naa hull hiq mata wa faslull kitab

O Allah (swt) give him or her sound wisdom and judgment in speech and in decision

Yaa Allah Wa Yehdi Yakum Say Raatam Mustaqeen

May Allah (swt) guide you to a straight path

Rabee Eman- nam Ma Ah Eman-nay Him

O my Lord!  Add faith to their faith.

After Namaz or without Namaz, recite 21 times every day, blow on child’s head.

Rabee Rabatna Ahlaa Qal-beha-lay Ta-koona Menall Muh Meneen.

Oh my Lord!  Strengthen her heart so that she remains a firm believer.

Recite this Du’a in child’s favorite food or beverage for 21 times, blow three times in child’s food or drink and give to the child. Do this practice for 21 days. Allah (swt) willing child will stay on the right path. Ameen

Every child should learn these short duas. Allah zahwajal would protect them from all harm, sickness, disease, and evil inflections, teach them to raise their hands and make humble supplications, after they learn these duas,

(1) Rabee Allazee Kala kanee fa ho Waa yehdee nay. (Meaning) Allah who created me, and it is He who guided me.

(2) Allahu wal lazee huwaa yuth a moo nee, wa yesh keenay (Meaning)Allah who give me food and drink.

(3) Rabee Hablee hook mou, all hiq nee biss Swalay heen. (Meaning)O my Lord bestow wisdom on me and join me with the righteous. Ameen

(4) Waj all Lee lay Sana sid kin fill ah Kay reen. (Meaning) O my Lord grant me honourable mention on thongue of truth, Amoungs the latest generation, ameen.

(5)Rabee walaa took zaynee yauma yub ah soon, (Meaning) O my Lord let me not be in disgrace on the day when men will be raise up.

(6)Rabee Waj all nee mew warasatay Jannatin Naaeem. (Meaning) O my Lord make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Bliss.

(7)Inee Abdullahay, (Meaning) I am indeed a servent of Allah.

(8)wa ja ah la nee Mubarakan, l na ma kunto. (Meaning) And He hath made me bless where so ever I be.

(9) wa sanee bay Saalaatay, wa zakaatay ma,dum to hai yaa. (Meaning) And hath enjoined on me prayers and charity as long as I live.

(10) Rabee wa bar ran, bay wal lay da tee, wa lam yaj all nee, jabaran shaqiyaa. (Meaning) O my Lord, Allah, hath made me kind to my mother, and not over bearing or miserable.  

(11) wa salaam mo Alieyaa Yuma Walid to, wa yu ma ah moo to, wa Yuma oob ah so Hai yaa. (Meaning) So peace on me the day I was born, the day that I die and the day that I shall be raised up to life (again)

Dua to remove temper, recite dua 7 times and blow on the person that have temper. Either imagine their faces or from behind their backs, or if the person is a child then blow on their head and in their faces. Do this every day for 21 or 41 days, Allah willing temper will subside,

Rabee Ah oozoo be Ka min ha ma zatish shai yaa teen, wa oozoo beka, Rabay I yaa doo roo nay. (Meaning) O my Lord I seek refuge With Thee from the suggestion of the evil ones, and I seek refuge With Thee O my Lord lest they should come near me, ameen yaa Rabbull alla meen.

Duas for parents to get Allah zahwajal help with their children and at the same time teaches their children how to make humble supplications, Children that are very sturbunt, the parents must recite this Dua for 11 times and blow on the child, then call him or her, and also teach the child to say it as well, In Shaw Allah the child would receive Allah zahwajal Blessings and His guidance and protection and His mercies.

Rabig Fir war ham, wa anta Kai rur, Rahay meen. Aameen yaa Rabbull alla meen. (Meaning) O my Lord grant thou forgiveness and mercy for Thou art the best of those who show mercy.

Healing for sickness, coma and seizure etc

 Rabee Anne Ma Sanee Yash Shaitanno, Bee Nussbin
Wa Ahzab Allaho homa inee nasta eenoka

O! My Lord, the evil one has afflicted me with distress and suffering. I do seek your help.

This Insha Allah is a very important Du’a for one in distress and can recite lots of different ways. 1) After any Farz Namaz 133 times 2) After the Juma prayer 121 times 3) 500 times for 7 days straight. However one feel comfortable in seeking Allah (swt) set help through this Du’a they must do so but must be constantly, in doing so also humble supplication are very important here, it is the key to success. This practice must carry on for at least 21 or 41 days. Allah’s (swt) willing great relief will envelope one. Ameen Prophet Job (pbuh) cried out to Allah (swt) in this humble Du’a see chapter 38 verse 41. Ameen

Ya Allah Yaa Hafeezo (1000 times)

Allah (swt) is the One who watches over us.

Recite Du’a for 1000 times over one that is sick and Allah (swt) Almighty will grant relief. Do this practice for 7 or 11 days. Ameen

Ya Allah Yaa Rahman, Ya Salam,

These 3 Names together must recite over the sick person for 133 times for 5-7-or 11 days. By Allah’s (swt) Grace, the sick will recover soon or die a peaceful death only if death is near.

Alallaho Nassran Azeez

Allah (swt) may help thee with powerful help. 300 times the sick person can recite this for themselves as well.

Bismillahay majray haa wa mursaha inna Rabbe la Gafoor rur Raheem

In the name of Allah (swt) whether it move or be at rest, for my Lord!
is sure Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful (Du’a for coma and pain)

Insha Allah however serious is the sick person; Allah (swt) will for sure bring the sick person back to his or her senses and to their loved ones. Put the right hand on the sick person’s head if possible, and recite Du’a for 133 times then blow 3 times on the hand twice daily until sick is recovered. Ameen

One can even blow 3 times after reciting this Du’a for 133 times on the image of a sick person face that is far away from them. Ameen

‘Wakafabillahay shawheed’ (141 times)

Enough is Allah (swt) for a witness

This Du’a is the same purpose as the above Du’a, just follow the above practice.

Tabara Kas mo, Rabeka zill Jalaalay, wall iqram.

Blessed be the name of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honor. 100 times

This Du’a is also to help one come to his or her senses or help one out of coma, seizure and unconsciousness. Recite it for 75 times and blow on sick head twice daily, and for 11 or 21 days, Allah’s (swt)  willing one will come to their senses within that period of time . Ameen

Yaa Allah Yaa Ba- Ay So

Allah (swt) the reviver from death

The same purpose for this Du’a to revive one out of their consciousness, recite it over there head for 121 time and blow three times on the head and do this practice for 11 or 21 days twice daily. Allah (swt) willing one will be cured in the same period of time. Ameen

Yaa Allah Yaa Moo E do

Allah (swt) is the Creator; second time

Important Du’a for coma, seizure or unconsciousness recite over the sick person head for 121 times blow three times on the head twice daily, do this practice 5-7 or 11 days. Allah (swt) willing one will be cured within that period of time.

Innalla-ha Allah raj jay hay laqadiroon

Allah (swt) surly is able to bring him or her back to life. 1000-500, or 300 times

This Du’a is the same purpose as the above just do the same practice. Ameen

‘Yaa Allaho, Yaa Sameo Yaa Raqeebo’                                                        

For ear pain recite together for 101 times, and then blow 3 times in the ears or over oil.  Blow 3 times after reciting Wazeefa over the oil and use the oil twice daily. Allah (swt) will grant ease. Ameen

Yaa Allaho Yaa Mojeebo Yaa Raqeebo

For the mouth -deep wounds or cavity recite: 100 times then blow in the mouth 3 times or in water and wash the mouth, then drink it after. Allah (swt) will grant ease. Ameen

Yaa Allah, Yaa Rahman, Yaa Salam, Yaa Jabar, Yaa Raheem.

For head ache put both hands on the head and recite these Wazeefas jointly for 11 times then bring down both hands to the face, blow 3 times in the hand palms and take the hands up back rubbing the face and the head up, then keep hands on the head and say the Wazeefa for 7 times then do the same again for the third time, keep both hands on the head and recite Wazeefa for 3 times and do the same practice. Insha Allah pain will subside, Ameen; do this for 11 days twice daily or whenever you wish.

‘Yaa Allah Yaa Aliyo’

Du’a for serious bleeding such a pile, ulcers etc. Recite: 1000 times and breathe 3 times over pure water and then drink water or feed it to the sick. Allah (swt) willing, bleeding will stop and sick will cure. Ameen

‘Yaa Allaho Yaa Rahmano Yaa Shakooro Yaa Aliyo Yaa Raheemo’,

For pain in the eyes these Wazeefas must recite jointly over pure water in a white plate, blow 3 times over the water after reciting Wazeefa, then drink half of the water and wash the eyes with the other half of the water, Insha Allah all pain and redness etc will subside. Ameen, Recite this for 41 times twice daily, and for 21 days.

Yaa Zall Jalallay Wall Iqram’Yaa Aliyo

For pain in the knee and swelling anywhere in the body or internal pain, recite 300 times and blow 3 times over swelling or pain, do this for 11 days twice daily Insha Allah pain will subside. For internal pain recite over pure water for 300 times and then blow three times over the water, keep the water in the fridge and drink the water twice daily for 11 days. Ameen

Healing for various mental health disorders

Most of these sicknesses arose from evil infliction and with Allah (swt) guidance, I  chose these short Du’as from the Holy Quran to help one come back to their senses. Choose anyone out of these Dua’s that pertain to your needs, and there are two ways in which these Du’as can be recited on the sick person (or yourself):

1. Get a mug of pure water (or any non-alcoholic beverage) recite chosen Du’a 1000 times, and then after that blow three times over the beverage and drink or give to sick person to drink. Keep this in the fridge for 41 days, if finished before 41 days just do it again, the person has to drink it continuously 41 days.

2. Recite chosen Du’a for 133 times everyday twice daily (after sunrise, and after sunset preferably) imagine the sick person’s face (if you are doing for yourself blow in the palms of your hands and rub on top of head or face) do this practice for 41 days.  Allah (swt) willing the sickness will be cured within 21 days.


Rabbee wa yuzhaybo ankum rij zash shaitanay.

May my Lord remove from him or her stain the of Shaitan.

Allaho anka aamayneena.

Oh Allah (swt) gives thee grace, peace and security.

Ya Allah Wakafa I diyahom.

Oh Allah (swt) restrains their hands (against each other).

Yaa Allah Rajjumalish Shaiyateen nim mareed

Oh Allah (swt) drive away the evil spirit

Rabee waqay hay muss sai ay ahtay.

O my Lord! Preserve them from all ills.


There are 2 special Dua’s here that are very important for this serious sickness.  Choose any one out of these two Dua’s

1. Wa my yeh dill laho fa malaho mim mud dilin. Ahlie sall la ho be azeez zin-zintay kaam.

Such as Allah (swt) do guide, there can be none to lead astray, for Allah (swt) is Exalted in Power (able to enforce his will) Lord of Retribution.


2) Allaho au ahradanee be rah matin hallhoom na mum say kaato rahmatay
hay Qhull Hasbe yell laaho ali hay yeh ta wakalull mutawak kayloon.

If Allah (swt) will’s some grace for me, can they keep back His grace? Sufficient is Allah (swt) for me in Him trust who put their trust.

(The practice for these two Wazeefas are, put hands on patient’s head if possible then recite this Wazeefa, (whichever one you choose) recite it for 11 times then blow three times on the patients head, do this practice twice daily before sunrise and after sunset. Then recite it for 313 times over whatever they like to eat or drink and feed it to them. Do this practice for 21 or 41 days. Allah (swt) willing sick will be cured and health will step in Insha Allah. Ameen (by the way if it’s impossible to blow on one’s head, then you can imagine their face and blow three times after the recitation of any one of these Dua’s.


Rabana Taj-Alna fitnatall Lill qow mez Zallay meen.

Our Lord! Make us not a trial for those who practice oppression. For children that is going astray. Teach them to say this Du’a 135 times every day. If the child does not want to say this Du’a, then the parents can say it and blow on the child 3 times. Do this practice every day. To pray for blessings for one’s child, put the right hand on the child’s head and recite this Du’a for11 times, then blow on the child head. Do this practice for as long as you wish, if the child is not around, imagine child’s face and blow three times.

If a child is sick or crying in the night recite :

‘Ya Allaho Ya Samado Ya Sabooro’  21 times and blow 3 times on them, then you can also recite: ‘Ya Kareemo’ 41 times in their milk, juice or water and give them to  drink (blow 3 times over drinks)

If a person has a fear that evil will attack him or her, or someone will give false evidence (in court) or someone will blackmail them, or their life is in danger

Then they must make Wazu and sit in darkness of night facing the East, then they must recite Darood Shareef 11 times and after recite:

‘Yaa Maliko Yaa Qudduso’ (both Names together) for 100 times: then Darood Shareef 11 times and raise your hands in supplication and ask Allah (swt) for protection.  Insha Allah any enemy will be lowered (or destroyed by his or her own evil, or other ailments.

If heart attack is suspected.

Recite over the heart the following Wazeefa:

‘Ya Allah Salaaman Salaam’ ( O! Allah Peace, Peace!)  for 41 times, then blow three times on the heart. Continue doing this until heart is settled. Allah (swt) willing condition will subside.

If the parents or someone is sad and miserly

Recite for 1000 times, ‘Yaa Kareemo’ over pure water then give the parents or whomever you wish to feed. Allah (swt) willing happiness will step in.

Love and relationships

Allah (swt) will help to settle ones dispute towards the right way if they seek His help by reciting any one out of these Wazeefas for 313 times each for 11-21 or 27 days. Make Du’a and cry to Allah (swt) pleading for help after reciting Wazeefa

To strengthen ones love for the other between love relationship, before marriage or even in marriage. Recite any one out of these Du’a for 134 times over water or sweet food and blow 3 times over it and give it, to eat or drink to the one whom you wish to see their love strengthen for you. Do this whenever you feel to, also to get respect, blow 3 times in both hands palms and rub face. Do this practice for 11 days in each month. Allah (swt) willing goodness will prevail over disrespectfulness.

Wa-ah Lallaahay-ah Kay Batull O-Moor

With Allah (swt) rest the end and decision of all affairs.

Ya Allah Ya Kareemo

Allah (swt) the Most Merciful

Recite over water for 1000 times, blow three times over the water and give it to one’s parents or someone who is miserable. Allah (swt) willing cheerfulness would prevail.

Ya Allah Ya Wali

Allah (swt) the Causer of causes

One who recites this Name of Allah for 1000 times 11 days, Allah (swt) willing they will overcome fear and get protection from grief

Ya Allah miladunka Sultan-nan nassiran

Oh Allah (swt) grant me from thy presence an authority to aid me.

Allah (swt) willing, who recites this short prayer for 1000 times,

For 41 nights will be crowned with many successes and prosperity,

Great achievement will envelope one as well. Ameen

Ya Allah Ya Azeezo.

Allah the Most Honorable and the Most Powerful (for our aid).

If one recites this Name of Allah (swt) for 41 times and blow three times in the palm of your hand, rub your face and body before they leave home and wherever they go Allah (swt) willing they will receive respect. If a wife is looked down by her husband and she does this practice every day Allah (swt) willing she will get respect from her husband.

 Ya Allah Ya Jabarro.

Allah (swt) the mender of bad deeds.

One who repeats this Wazeefa for 500 times each day for 21 or 41 days they will achieve the qualities of helping the poor and needy people, also power and authority, spirituality, materially and physically.

Ya Allah Ya Jaleelo

Allah (swt) the Greatest, the Most Gracious

If a wife is looked down by her husband or husband is looked down by wife: to get respect and good living from each other, one must recite this Wazeefa for 3000 times and make Du’a after: by Allah’s (swt) will Grace, Love and Respect would envelope each other and good relation will step in, even the people would be surprised. Also recite it for 1000 times and blow 3 times, after reciting Du’a over pure water or some sweet food and give it to the one whom you wish to get love and respect

Wa Annalaha Howall Alli-yull Kabeer.

Allah (swt) is He most High most Great.

Allah (swt) willing one will get sound sleep if they recite this Wazeefa for 75 times over water, coffee or milk, blow 3 times, after finished reciting this Wazeefa then drink right before going to bed, one will not receive bad dreams.   Insha Allah they must also blow 3 times on themselves after reciting Wazeefa.

Wakafa Bay Rab-bayka Hadi-yaan wa Nassir

Enough is thy Lord!

To guide and to help a husband, a wife or a child that leaves home in temper, recite Wazeefa for 500-700 or 1000 times every day until they return home. (Choose any one you wish)

Allaho Jameah Innallaha Alla Qhulay Shai-in-Qadir

Wherever you are Allah (swt) will bring us together.

For Allah (swt) hast power over all things.

Ya Allah Fa Nehmall Moula, Wa Nehman Naseer.

Allah (swt) is the best to protect and the best to help (recite this also to settle dispute) for 133 times every day.

Allaho Latifoon Bay A-Baday Hay.

Gracious is Allah (swt) to His servants (very important for any help) 313 times for 21 days, a very useful Wazeefa to get a job, to get a Marriage proposal and to get a house sold etc. Recite 2 Rakaats Nafl. And pray for your need. Do this for 11 or 21 days


Fa Inna Raba Kum La Raoof-or Raheem

Thy Lord!  Indeed full of kindness and mercy. Insha Allah they would come back loving, with respect in their heart for you. Imagine your loved ones face and blow 3 times after reciting Wazeefa.



Ya Allaho Ya Haleeman Gafoor:

Allah (swt) is He most Forbearing Allah (swt) willing one would never be ashamed or disregarded.  Whoever recites this name of Allah (swt) for 313 times for 11 days, pleading with Allah (swt) to fulfill their needs, Allah (swt) will help one to get over their worries very easily.


  Ya Allah Ya Saboor:

Allah (swt) is Patience.

Allah (swt) willing patience will envelope one if they recite this Wazeefa for 133 times daily.


Rabana Afrigalina Sabran:

Oh my Lord! Pour out on us (or me) patience and constancy if anyone recites any out of these 3 Du’as is recited over food, some sweets or beverage and everyone drinks it in the household, Allah (swt) willing there will be a lot of love, peace and unity in that household.  Recite it for 313 times and blow twice over beverage or food.


Rabee fa ahzaqa hoo mull laa hull kiz yaa, fill haiyaat tid
Dunya Kablayka la allahum yeh ta Doon.

O my Lord! Allah (swt) give (him) or them a taste of humiliation in this present life, in order that they may receive guidance. Ameen

If a wife is ridiculed by her husband and the husband is being arrogant, then if she wants to see him become a changed man for the benefit of his own soul and their relationship, then she can say the above Wazeefa for 313   times, for 7 days then (pray two Rakaat Nafl if possible) if not raise hands in humble supplication (Allah (swt) willing within 21 days Allah (swt)  will bring goodness into the relationship, and if it is the will of Allah (swt) for the husband to come back on the right path then he will, if not then he would be left in his blindness for such as Allah (swt)  leave to stray There can be none to guide him on the right path except for his amends and repentance.

One who cannot sleep especially for babies and small children:

These are some Wazeefa’s, choose anyone and recite it for 41 times, blow on one’s self or on the child 3 times before going to sleep, Allah’s (swt) willing one will receive protection from nightmares or disturbing dreams, jinns or evil spirits.

  1. Ya Hafeezo
  2. Ya Mumeeto
  3. Ya Mutakabbiro
  4. Rabe wa Hifzam min khulay Shaitaan nim mareed (21 times)

O my Lord guard (us or them) from all obstinate rebellious evil spirits.

One who does not have a job or wishes to sell (or buy something)

Should pray two Rakaats Nafl then recite: ‘Ya Lateefo’ for 500 times then make supplication, Allah’s (swt)  willing one will achieve their needs.  This Wazeefa must be recited constantly for 5-7 or 11 days in a month.

Recite dua every day at least 11 times. In Shaw Allah ones life would full of spiritual influences and material prosperity,

Rabee add kill nee mud Kala sid qin, wa aqreej nee, muk ra ja side kin, waj all Lee. Milla dunka, Sulta nan, naseeran, (Meaning)oh my lord let my entry be by the gate of truth and Honour and like wise my exit by the gate of truth and Honour, and Grant me From Thy Presence An authority to aid me. Aameen yaa Rabbull alla meen.

Recite this Dua for 41 times every day and raise hands in humble supplications . for the same purposes as the above,
Rabana ah tay na, Milla dunka, Rahmahtan, wa hai yeh Lana min am ray na Rashada. (Meaning)O my Lord bestow on us mercy From Thy Self, and dispose of our affair for us in the right way, Ameen yaa Rabbull alla meen.

Recite this Dua for 101 times, for 41 days. In Shaw Allah goodness will come your way. The same Blessings as the above,

Rabee in nee lay maa anzal ta, A lie yaa, min khai reen, Faki run. (Meaning) O my Lord Truly am I in (desperate) need of any good that Thou does sent me. Ameen yaa Rabbull alla meen.
Recite this Dua for 21 time ever day twice, and for 41 days, In Shaw Allah you will achieve your goals,
Hass boonal la ho, sa yuh tee nallaaho, ln naa ill lall la hay, ra gay boona. (Meaning) Sufficient unto us is Allah, Allah and His Apostle will soon give us of his Bounty. Aameen yaa Rabbull alla meen.
One who gets seizure’s or is in a coma,

Who ever is around should put their right hand on the sick person’s head (if possible) then recite:

‘Ya Mujeebo Ya Shaheedo’ for 75 times then blow on the sick person’s head.  Allah’s (swt) wiling the person will be okay.

If someone is in a coma do this twice daily.

Relief from calamities

These Wazeefas is to imagine whoever you are praying for and blow three times in their face or faces, even if they are not around (or they are around but you are afraid to blow on them, then just imagine their face and blow 3 times on their imagination, or over their food or their tea, or drinks, blow 3 times over it as well and feed them. These Wazeefas are for many purposes such as protection from evil, relief from pain, any kind of pain to win over ones heart who is quarrelsome or disobedient or any kind of bad deeds. One easily gets afraid. Enemy will lower down. Insha Allah as I write these Wazeefas.  I will briefly put which one is for pain, which one is to remove evil or bad habits etc. as I go along.

Ya Allah anee mo meddoo kum be all fim me nall,
Mallaa a katay murday feena.

May Allah (swt) assist you with a thousand of the Angels rank on rank.

(Nice to wish someone well who is leaving the house for some hard task)

This is important to recite this Du’a for a loved one who has a case against them.  Recite this Du’a for 300 times then perform Nafl Namaz and make humble supplication in the last Sijda seeking help for loved ones so.  Do this until the trial has ended, Allah (swt) willing justice will prevail.

  1. Rabee Lazi at ahma hum min juin, wa ah manahum min kauf.

Oh my Lord! Provide them with food against hunger and with security against fear.


  1. Rabee wa yuzhaybo ankum rij zash shaitanay.

O my Lord! Remove from him or her the stain of Shaitan. 

  1. Allaho anka Aamayneena

                             O Allah! Give thee grace, peace and security.

One who has a dread over their enemy they must recite this Wazeefa for 1000 times in darkness (of night) then pray Namaz Nafl or after Farz, Insha Allah after prayer make humble supplication, do this practice for 11 nights, Allah (swt) willing their enemy will leave one alone and Allah’s (swt) Mercy will fall upon such a one like rain drops, Masha Allah. Ameen For those who don’t know how to pray Namaz take a shower, sit facing the east in the darkness of night and do the same practice as above. Allah (swt) willing they will gain the same benefits.


  1. Ya Allah Wakafa I deyahom

O Allah! Restrain his or her hands

If a husband is quarrelsome and like to hit as well, the wife should recite this Wazeefa for 1000 or 500 times over his food or water, blow 3 times over the food or drink, Allah (swt) willing the husband will be merciful to his wife, but this practice must be done for 3 days in a week until the husband has completely change his behavior, this Wazeefa can also be done for a child that is stubborn and disrespectful.


  1. Rabbee wa ahsabahum Fat Han Qareeb

O my Lord! Reward them or myself with a speedy victory 

  1. Rabbana ahtayna milladunka Rahmatan

O my Lord! Bestow on us mercy from thy self.

If one is oppressed by jealous people they must recite this Wazeefa for 313 times for 21 days and make humble supplication, Allah’s (swt) willing there will be peace and unity.


  1. Rabbee wahai yehlana min am Rena Rashada.

O my Lord!  Dispose of our affairs for us in the right way.

Every parents or couple should recite this short Wazeefa 133 times daily, also teach this to their children as well, Allah (swt) willing there will be no misguidance b the Shaitan in their lives.


(To pray for rain)

Rabbee minal muhsay raatay ma an saja Jan.

O my Lord! Send down from the clouds water in abundance.

Insha Allah yur say less samaa ah alikum midraram.

Allah (swt) willing He will send rain to you in abundance.

Du’a for health, recite on weak spots or over pure water or food or drink. Recite for 300 times and blow 3 times over pain or food or water. Also pray for a loved one.

Rabbee wa Shadad na as rahum.

O My Lord! Make their joints strong.


Rabbee Fa-ah Raa hull ah yatull kubraa

Oh my Lord! Show him the great signs.

One who is always being accused wrongfully by their spouse, children etc. they must recite this Wazeefa for 175 times for 11 days.  Allah (swt) willing the truth will become crystal clear.

Ya Allah Kuzu ho Fatay looho le took menu Bilahi wa Rusoolahay

O Allah! Seize him or her and drag him or her in order that he or she may believe in Allah (swt) and his apostles


For one who is going astray on the wrong path their loved ones can recite this Du’a for 133 times and make humble supplications Allah (swt) willing one will come back on the right path, this practice should follow for 21 days, also important to imagine their face and blow three times on their image after reciting Wazeefa, Allah (swt) willing one will come on the right path. Ameen

The Fountain of Healing.

 Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

In the name of Allah (swt), Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

 Ya Sin. 36:1    

By the Qur’an, full of Wisdom 36:2.  

Thou art indeed one of the apostles, 36:3.

On a Straight Way. 36:4.

It is a Revelation sent down by (Him), the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. 36:5

 The Holy Qur’an is divine, and as revealed by stages teach the truth.  Learn it, chant it, and praise Allah (swt) through His beautiful Names that are mentioned in it, and seek Allah (swt) Almighty’s help through the humble supplications which all of the Prophets make to Allah (swt) Almighty in their distress.

 Those who do wish for the (things of) the Hereafter, and strive therefore with all due striving, and have Faith, they are the ones whose striving is acceptable (to Allah. 17:19.

Of the bounties of thy Lord We bestow freely on all These as well as those: The bounties of thy Lord are not closed (to anyone). 17:20.

Of all such things the evil is hateful in the sight of thy Lord 17:38.

There is none like unto Allah (swt) Exalted beyond measure is He.  Things are explained in the Holy Qur’an from all points of view, individual, national and international by means of stories, parables and figures of speech and by way of categorical commands, but those who turn away from the truth instead of profiting by such instruction often go further and further away from the truth.

And be ye not like those who forgot Allah. And He made them forget their own souls! Such are the rebellious transgressors! 59:19

He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours). To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare His Praises and Glory: and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. 59:24

Allah (swt) beautiful Names from the Holy Qur’an is a guide and healing vehicles for all kinds of heavy burdens, such as:

  1. Sickness,
  2. Worries,
  3. Grief,
  4. Anxiety,
  5. To receive one’s marriage proposal,
  6. To a find a job,
  7. To sell/buy house,
  8. To remove evil,
  9. Remove pain,
  10. Remove weakness in the body,
  11. To become close to Allah (swt) Almighty,
  12. To bless one’s child,
  13. To visit a new country/cross border,
  14. To go to court,
  15. If stopped by police,
  16. Fix broken relationships,
  17. Remove Jinns and evil spirits from houses etc.

It is sad to know that some people are totally against using Allah’s (swt) Name as Wazeefa’s for purposes of healing, and some people have so much fear and respect for Allah (swt) that they are afraid of doing something which they are not sure about to upset Him.  Some people just do not believe in Wazeefa’s or Taweez.  Some people laugh, and mock with ridicule, but it is the nature of ignorance to laugh and mock at truth.  Their ignorance and their ridicule is the bed of misery and they would not gain wisdom as to understand that God Almighty can carry out His will through His Holy Name to whoever uses them to call upon Him for some benefits.  Through His Holy Book, the Holy Qur’an and through humble supplication and prayers.  Without any questions as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an:  

The Truth is from thy Lord; so be not at all in doubt. 2:147

Who say, when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return” 2:156.  

They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from Allah, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance. 2:157

And your Allah is One Allah. There is no god but He, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 2:163

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way. 2:186

“Allah (swt) revelation and His inspiration through His Blessed Names and His   Attributes there are healing for our broken spirits.  Hope for our spiritual and our material future, joy in the pleading of our humble supplications (good news) and the fulfillment of our desires.

Those who seek help in His Holy Name, His Holy Qur’an and humble supplications for sure by His grace and His will everyone will share in this privilege. Ameen.  Those who are against calling upon Him through these Attributes, they are the ones who will be left out of His gift of receiving His benefits to make their life easier for them on this earth, as they say work on earth and keep thy hearts in heaven makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Ameen.

The Importance of using Allah’s (swt) Names. (& some short Dua’s)

Allah’s (swt) Blessed Names can be used for all kinds of benefits.  Allah (swt)     Almighty’s Blessed Names works as a vehicle that is required in the race to be at one’s service for whatever their needs are.  Every one of Allah (swt) Almighty’s Blessed Names has thousands of Angels to guard and to protect His believing servants who will use them to call upon Him for some help. The reason why we need to use them in various number sequences, such as: 100’s, 1000’s etcetera is for several reasons:

  1. The more one sits and chants (Allah’s name) for so many nights and days, the more that person becomes closer and closer to Him (Allah). Such Wazeefa’s serve dual purposes.
  2. Allah (swt) Almighty is the disposer of all affairs and the more we call upon Him is the more humble and wiser we become.
  3. Allah (swt) Almighty is Majestic, the Heavenly King and to call on Him thousands and thousands of times in one’s needs not only we will get our needs fulfilled, but we will achieve, fame, wealth and wisdom etc. We will also gain a high state in His Kingdom, but we must not make these blessings cause us to become arrogant on this earth, if not we will lose our spiritual blessings (as Shaitan did).
  4. One who sits facing the east with purity of heart, calling on Allah (swt) with tears in their eyes and grief on their hearts, the Angels of mercy would pray for such a person.
  5. Our sincere faith will be strongly increased, and if one has weak faith it will all subside for pure faith does not depend on any evil omen, such as the people who sought to read the mysteries of human faith from the flights of birds and also by spirits and superstition. They will also be forgiven: for Allah (swt) forgives those who act in ignorance.
  6. Patience, firmness and self-restraint would envelope one everywhere they go, for there will always be a spiritual light over them to guide them right.
  7. I can go on and on with numerous ways how Allah (swt) Almighty’s beautiful Names can be beneficial to us, but I will stop here and let you find out for yourselves now.

May Allah (swt) Almighty remove all the negative feelings and beliefs from our hearts and grant us the courage and the zeal to use His Magnificent, Powerful, Majestic  Names to help us in our material, spiritual and physical lives’. Ameen

Even if someone engages in wrongdoings they can still benefit from using Allah (swt) Almighty’s Name for it will lead them to make amends and repentance.  He also gives justice, opportunities, wealth, position, talents and He makes hidden motives manifest. Truth prevails over falsehood, pride and insolence will be brought low, evil plan and plots to destroy innocent lives will fail, disgrace and shame will envelope the wickedness in people who are out for mischief through jealousy, spite and hatred.

Those whose  eyes are fixed on the hereafter and they call upon Allah (swt) Almighty through His Holy Names  which are in many short Dua’s as well they will surely share in their Lord’s bounty, provided they fulfill the condition and rules of how to use Allah (swt) Almighty’s Name and Dua’s as Wazeefa’s for their needs.

We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss. 17:82. See also 17:21, 17:30, 17:70, 17:88.

Let’s learn the beautiful Names and short Dua’s of Allah (swt) and sit with purity of heart, body and soul and chant it with praises and gratitude and humbleness of seeking His aide for our needs. Ameen

To achieve success and prosperity

For the fulfillment of one’s needs to be answered:  After the Esha Namaz or any compulsory Namaz, or even without Namaz one may choose any one of these blessed Names of Allah (swt) Almighty and recite it for 1000 times each night for 41 nights:  By Allah’s (swt) Grace and His Mercy and through all of His prophets (pbut) and His blessed book, the Holy Qur’an there is no doubt in my heart that Allah (swt) will not answer your humble pleading through His blessed and beautiful Names and through some short Dua’s.

Why 41 nights? Allah (swt) loves constancy.  He looks at the one good you do a thousand times and not the thousand things you do.  He also loves firmness, patience and self-restraint, and by doing the practice of repeating His beautiful Names one may notice ‘Ya Allah’ is mentioned in front of every verse from chapter 1. That is for the benefit of those who wish to choose one out of these verses for Wazeefa’s for the fulfillment of your desires, then you will receive not only your desires but all the benefits and more, such as: wealth, wisdom, health and piety.  Ameen

Before starting this practices take out an amount of money whatever you can afford for Zakat (charity), then raise your hands in humble supplication (Du’a) and ask Allah (swt) for your needs or desires and ask through all the Prophets and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to accept your Du’a and make this task easy for you: If you skip one night, then you will have to start all over again.  Insha Allah one who does this will be crowned with much success.


Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

In the name of Allah (swt), Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

(Please note Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem, one can also achieve lots of benefit from reciting it).


Alhamdo lill la hay Rabbil Allameen.

Praises be to Allah (swt), the cherisher and sustainer of the world.

(This Ayat: Alhamdo lill la hay Rabbil Allameen: is Praising Allah (swt) and at the same time, the Angels are asking Allah (swt) to fulfill your desires)

 Ar Rahman Nir Raheem.

Most Gracious, Most Merciful

(This Ayat: Ar Rahman Nir Raheem; is also the healing of sore hearts and to remove calamities).

Mallakay yau meed deen.

Master of the Day of Judgment

(This Ayat: Yaa Allah Mallakay yau meed deen; Justice will prevail over injustice).


E yaa ka Na boodu wa e ya ka nastaeem

Thou do we worship and Thine aid we seek

This Ayat:  Yaa Allah E yaa ka na booed wa e ya ka nastaeem; through this Ayat Allah willing one will achieve their goal).


Eh day nass say raa tall Mustaqeen

(Ya Allah) show us the straight way

This Ayat: Yaa Allah Eh day nass say raa tall Mustaqeen; Through this Ayat Allah willing one would be able to always stay on the right path).


Say ratall Lazeena an amta ah Lai him.

The way of those on whom thou has bestowed thy grace

This Ayat: Yaa Allah Say ratall Lazeena an amta ah Lai him; This Ayat Allah willing wherever one goes His Grace will follow them).


Ghai rell mack doobay ahlai Him wala dwaleen

Those whose (portion) is not wrath and who goes not astray.

This Ayat: Yaa Allah Ghai rell mack doobay ahlai Him wala dwaleen; through this Ayat Allah (swt) will keep one in good company). 



Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.

Alif Lam Meem, Zalaykall Kaytabo La Rai bafee Hodall Lill Mutaqueen.

This is the book in its guidance, sure without doubt to those who fear Allah (swt).


Innallaha Alaa Khulay Shai in Qadir

Allah (swt) has power over all things.

(Innallaha Alaa Khulay Shai in Qadir; Allah willing one will succeed in winning any trial (court and etc.)

Yaa Allah in naka antall Ali mull Hakeem

Allah (swt):  thou who art perfect in knowledge and wisdom.

Yaa Allah in naka antall Ali-mull Hakeem; Allah willing one will gain respect, knowledge and wisdom).

Ya Allah Innaha Ho-wat Tau-Wabur-raheem

Allah (swt is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

(Ya Allah Innaha Ho-wat Tau-Wabur-raheem; Allah will forgive one’s sin and they will gain Allah’s (swt) Mercy).


Wa la qow foon Alihim wala hum ya’h zanoon

On them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.

Very important Wazeefa to bless a child; put both hands on child head and recite Wazeefa twenty one times and blow three blows three times on child head.


Wallaho Baseerun be ma ya’h ma loon

Allah (swt) see well all that they do

Allah (swt) will manifest the truth.

Wallaho zull fad Lill Azweem

Allah (swt) is Lord of grace abounding.

One will achieve Allah’s (swt) Grace


Innallaha Wassay un-Aleem

For Allah (swt) is all providing, All Knowing.

Allah (swt) willing one will never face poverty

Ya Allah Innaka Antall Azeezul Hakeem

Allah (swt), the Exalted in might, the Wise.

Allah (swt) willing one will be crowned with many successes


Allaho Allaa Shain-in muk ta-deera

Allah (swt) is the One who prevails over all things

Allah (swt) willing one will gain piety

Innallha Gafoorur Raheem

Allah (swt) is oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Allah willing His Forgiveness and Mercies will envelop one wherever they go.

Innallaha Sameeoon Aleem

Allah (swt) hears and knows all things.

Allah (swt) willing one can become highly spiritual

Innallaha yuh hib bull Muhsay-neen

Allah (swt) loves those who do good

Allah willing His love and affection would pour out on one like a fountain of rain.


Wallaho Saree-ul hay Saab

Allah (swt) is quick in account

Allah (swt) will give respect and justice.

Wallaho Ra oo foon Bill a Bad

Allah (swt) is full of kindness to His devotees

Recite this Wazeefa over some food or sweets; give it to a disrespectful person to eat and Allah (swt) willing his behavior will change into one of respect. Recite it for 1000 times then blow three times over the food and do this practice for at least 3 days a week until the person’s behavior changes.



Innalah Azeez zun Hakeem

Allah (swt) He is indeed exalted in Power, Wise.

Very useful wazeefa for a couple to have mutual love between them, recite it for 300 times over sweets or water and give it to eat or drink to your partner and Allah willing great love and affection will be achieved.

Allah Bil Lahil Azeezil Hameed

Allah (swt) exalted in power, worthy of all praises

This Name of Allah (swt) is very useful to remove disrespectfulness and loose tongue.  Get a clear, empty glass and recite this wazeefa for 133 times over the

glass, blow three times into the glass, then fill it with some drink and then feed it to the disrespectful person.  Do this until Allah willing one’s behavior changes.

Ya Allah raj ju malish Shayateenay Nim Mareed                                                                      

Ya Allah (swt) drive away the evil spirit from him or her

This wazeefa is very powerful to drive the Shaitan away.  Recite it for 300 times and blow on the person that is inflicted with evil, twice daily for 21 or 41 days.

Wallah kairur Razikeen

Allah (swt) is the best to provide for all needs

Allah (swt) willing one will never face poverty.


Rabbana Afrig Alaina Sabran

Our Lord! Pour out constancy on us.

Great patience and constancy of doing good will envelope one, by Allah’s grace.


Innalaha Qawee yun Azeeez

Allah (swt) is He who is strong and able to carry out His will.

The more a sick person recites this wazeefa Allah willing the quicker he will heal.  It is also very good for one who is having hard time in their pregnancy.  They should recite this wazeefa every day, Insha Allah their weakness will subside, and strength will step in.

Ya Allah Wa Sabbit Ack Damana

And make our steps firm

Allah (swt) will keep one always on the right path.


Allah Wahowall Ali ul Azweem

For He is Most High, the supreme (in glory)

This is a very useful wazeefa for honor and great achievement.


Allaho innaka antal Wahab

Allah (swt) thou art the granter and bounty without measure

Allah (swt) willing one will be rich, famous and pious


Allaho Waleeyul Lazeena Amano

Allah (swt) is the protector of those who have faith

Allah (swt) will give great protection to one from all calamities.

Wallah Ganee yun Haleem

Allah (swt) is free of all wants.  And He is most forbearing

One will achieve great patience and mercy.


Ya Allah Ya Mateeno.

Allah (swt) the strongest

Allah (swt) willing one will gain health and strength.

This is a very useful Wazeefa for a great undertaking.


Ya Allah Ya Waleeyo.

Allah (swt) is the helper and the friend

One who is facing ill-treatment should recite this for 1000 times over sweets or water and feed it to the person who is mistreating them.  This practice should follow for three days in a week Allah (swt) willing the habit of ill-treatment will subside.


Innallaha tau wa boor Raheem

Fear Allah: For Allah (swt) is Oft returning Most Merciful.

This Wazeefa is very useful to sharpen one’s memories and to bring one back to their senses during a seizure or a coma.  Place one’s right hands on the head of the person and recite this Wazeefa for 41 times then blow on the person’s head. 

Rabbee An Nim Mobeen.

Oh my Lord! Make things clear.

Allah (swt) will manifest the truth. If someone has a fear that a witness will give a false statement against them should recite this Wazeefa for 1000 times, imagine the witness’s face and blow three times in their face and Allah willing justice will prevail over falsehood.


To achieve success in wisdom and protection from weakness in their conduct

One who wishes to achieve success in wisdom and protection from weakness in their conduct they must put both hands on their chest and recite: ‘Yaa Baeeso Ya Shaheedo’ for 121 times then blow in the palms of both hands and rub hands on chest, do this practice constantly for 41 nights,or every night before sleep if possible.

One’s soul will be bold and enlightened, no Muslim should turn their back from such Wazeefa’s.


To get justice

The following Du’as is for many different purposes.

Choose which one you want and recite it for 313 times and make humble supplication after for your needs.  One can also recite Du’a over food or beverage, blow three times after finished reciting and feed to desired person.

Allaho bay ah ka mill haakay meen

Allah (swt) is the Wisest of Judge (Allah (swt) will give justice)

(For two people to get justice) A man and his wife or two sisters or two brothers or some friends or relatives who ever wish to see one get justice. Recite for 300 times then make humble supplication, do this for 11 days, Allah (swt) willing justice will prevail over injustice, Ameen

Wa kafa billahay naseer wala soufa yardwaa.

Allah (swt) is most ready to help and soon will they (or we) attain complete satisfaction. Ameen

Du’as is for one who is always afraid, weak in their faith and has some kind of sickness. They must recite this Du’a 133 times every day, Allah (swt) will remove weakness of faith and fear. One who cannot keep their status such as their jobs, marriage proposal, their business, their relationships, etc. They must recite Du’a for 1000 times and make humble supplication also if possible  pray Namaz, Do this practice for 11 nights or days, Allah (swt) willing one will gain merciful treatment, honor and respect will reach out to him or her. Ameen

In nallaha sam-meoon baser

Allah (swt) is He who hears, and sees all things.

Before going to court or to settle a dispute recite this Du’a for 300 times pray Nafl before leaving home and make humble supplication, after then leave home do this every day until case is finished Allah (swt) will give justice.

Rabbin surnee bema kazayboon.

O my Lord!  I do fear that they will charge me with falsehood

Allah (swt) willing one who recites this Du’a 500 times for 7 days straight, before court or any trial they will achieve Allah (swt) Mercies, Justice, and His Grace. Ameen

Rabbee Alla Nassray him la qaddayroon                                            

Allah (swt) is most powerful for their aid.

Do the same practice as the above Du’a; anyone who wishes to follow this practice Insha Allah will receive the same blessings as the above. Ameen

Inna Tawakallto Allallahay Rabee Wa Raboqom Inna
Rabee Allah Qhulay Shain Hafeez;

I put my trust in Allah (swt) my Lord, for my Lord have care and He watches over all things. (Important for Court)

Recite this Du’a for 11 times, then recite Ya Hafeezo for 1000 times, do this practice for 11 days before any trial. Allah (swt) will give Justice Insha Allah, Ameen.

Also before leaving home for court, Job interview or any meeting, this Du’a should be recited with Wazu then pray 2 Rakaat Nafl make humble supplication in seeking Allah’s (swt) help, Allah’s (swt) willing one will surely receive justice. Ameen

Rabbee Innee Layma Anzallto a- lai- ya, Min Kaireen Fakeeroon

O my Lord! Truly I am in desperate need of any good that Thou do send me (or us).

Recite this Du’a for 300 times before leaving the house for Fear of one’s enemy Allah (swt) will remove the fear from the heart and enemy will lower down (one will gain respect).

Rabbana Akrigna Min Hazayhill Qar-yatiz.

Oh my Lord! Rescue us (or me) from this oppression

Before leaving home seeking a job or to make a court appearance, or for work or business recite the following 11 times and blow on self, you will get mercy wherever one goes Insha Allah.

Rabee Anzillnee-moon Zalam Mubarak.

O my Lord! Enable me to disembark with thy Blessings

This Du’a is very important for everyone in a household to learn and recite it every time they leave the house; Allah’s (swt) blessings will fall on one like rain drops, wherever they go they will get respect. Also recite:  ‘Ya Aakayro’ until you reach your destination.

Rabee Allaho Bay Ahka-Mill Hakaymeen

My Lord Allah is the Wisest of Judge.

Before going to court recite this Wazeefa 1000 times for 5, 7 or 11 days always until the case finish. Insha Allah your case would end in your favor, make sure to make Du’a after and plead for Allah’s (swt) help.

Rabee Fala-uk-say mo bay ma tubsay-roon

O! My Lord! Call to witness what you see.

Allah (swt) will bring such person to court.

Do the same as the above Wazeefa: For court or any trial.

To bring in a stubborn one that needed for a witness to the trial at a court hearing, recite this Wazeefa for 333 times for three days prior to court hearing and imagine witness face and blow 3 times in their face.

‘Inna Bat Sha Rabeeka La Sha-deed’

Truly strong is the grip of Thy Lord.

This is also a very strong Wazeefa to conquer an enemy or to overpower someone that is disrespectful (if it is someone that lives with you or a relative or a child),                  recite it over their food for 313 times over a period of 7 or 21 days or whenever you feel like. Make sure to blow 3 times over the food or drinks after reciting this Wazeefa.

Rabee Faahrahull Ahyaa-tul kubra

O! My Lord! Show him or her great signs (remove the veil) Ameen.

If someone keeps blaming a person for things that they never did, they should recite this Wazeefa 133 times for 11 days (make Du’a after).

Surely Allah (swt) would give justice.

Yaa Allah Allay-mul Gaib Anna Hul Haq.

Allah (swt) alone knows the unseen, and will manifest the truth. Ameen

A person that needs the truth to come out should recite this Wazeefa everyday for 133 times, and then make Du’a at least for 11 days. Allah (swt) will manifest the truth to one. These are all Du’as to get justice, recite them for 11 days and pray for justice, Allah (swt) surely give justice and great help. Choose any one or two and recite them for a 1000 times every day constantly until desire is fulfilled.

Wakafa bil Lahay Naseer.

Allah (swt) is the Protector and the Helper

Yaa Allah Fatakizho Wakeel

Allah (swt) is the disposer of all affairs

Bismillah Hir Rahma Nir Raheem
Inna Fatahna Laka Fat Ham Mobeen.

In the name of Allah (swt), Most Gracious, Most Merciful, verily we have granted thee a manifest victory.

Allaho Nassran Azeez.

Allah (swt) may help thee with powerful help.

Inn-nallaha Touwa-bur Raheem.

Allah (swt) is oft returning Most Merciful

Yaa Adloo;

Allah (swt) the Giver of Justice.

This is for a very serious case against one.

Recite this 3000 times for 3 days before showing up to court and the day of the court, recite it until you reach to court, do this until case is over. Insha Allah it would end in one’s favor.

To get relief from pain in the body and swelling

Recite anyone of the Wazeefa’s below in water, blow 3 times over the water then drink it.  For outer parts of the body blow 3 times on the pain or swelling after reciting Wazeefa for 300 or 41 or 21 times.  Allah’s (swt) willing pain and swelling will go away, these Wazeefa’s must do constantly for 3, 7, or 11 days.

To remove blockage from the heart and body.

Recite Wazeefa over pure water for 1000 times, make sure to blow three times over the water when finish reciting the following Wazeefa: ‘Rabee Aalaa Zahabin be-hay la-qa-day-roon.’

Trans:  My Lord! Certainly are able to drain it off (open veins)

To remove evil infliction and to seek Blessings for one and express thanks and gratitude
  1. Recite any one out of these Du’as and recite it on the affected person for 313 times then blow on them after finish reciting Du’as, do this practice for 21 or 41 days.
  2. Also if you wish you can recite whichever Du’a you choose over their food or their drinks (the sick person) and blow 3 times over the food or drink and feed it to them.
  3. Also after reciting Du’a for the sick and they are not around you then can imagine their face and blow 3 times in their face. Allah (swt) willing sick will get cured within the same year. Just do not give up, do this practice until one is cured. The purposes of some of these Du’as are for mental, physical spiritual and material sickness and achievement.

Rabbee ma annakum tantaqoon.

Oh my Lord! Help them to speak intelligently to each other.

(This is a useful Du’a to settle disputes, recite 41 times and imagine the problematic persons face then blow 3 times in their face, Allah (swt) willing the bad habits will stop)

Insha Allah fee jannattin naeem. (This Dua to express gratitude)

By Allah’s (swt) will they will be in gardens of happiness.

Place hands on child’s head and recite for 21 times and blow, Allah (swt) -willing child will always be happy and prosperous

Yaa Allah Ya Hadi layaa masooho moos-soo O wa laam yah zanoon.

Ya Allah (swt) Guide them where No evil shall touch them, nor shall they grieve.

Do the same as above, or recite it twice daily, (after sunrise and after sunset preferable) imagine one’s face and blow three times in their face every day, Allah (swt) willing one will receive protection from any evil infliction, sorrow and grief.

Allaho Ajran Hassana. (Dua to express thanks and gratitude)

May Allah (swt) give you a good reward in this world and in the hereafter.

Same practice as blessing a child, (place hands on the child’s head and proceed).

Rabbee Wazidnahaum Hoda.

Oh my Lord! Advance them in guidance.

Seek knowledge and guidance for one’s child and at the same time teach them this Du’a, Allah (swt) will protect them and put them on the right path. Ameen


Rabana Aatayna miladunka Rahmatan.

Oh my Lord! Bestow on us mercy from Thy Self.

Recite for 41 times, blow in palms of hand, rub face and body twice daily. Allah (swt) willing His Grace will envelope one always, Ameen.

Rabbee wahai yehlana min am rena Rashada.

Oh my Lord! Dispose of our affairs for us in the right way.

Very useful Du’a to leave one’s trust in Allah (swt) Almighty. Recite Du’a for 133 times daily, Allah (swt) willing one will always be on the right guidance.

Allah Qullay shai in Qadir.

Allah (swt) is He who has power over all things.( see main practice from above)


Allaho Rabee A-lai hay tawa kallto wa ay-lai hay oneeb.

Allah (swt) is my Lord, in Him I trust and to Him I turn. (See main practice from above)


Wa a Laal laahay ahkaybatul Oo’ mooray.

With Allah (swt) rest the end, and decision of all affairs.  Ameen

For the last three Du’as choose whichever suits your needs and recite it for 313 times daily until your needs are fulfilled, by Allah’s (swt) Grace.  Ameen

To remove itching or boils

Recite ‘Yaa Raqeebo’ 111 times for 7 days.

Using of Allah (swt) Names and short Dua’s as Wazeefa’s.

One must make Wudu and sit facing the east and chant Allah’s (swt) Name or Du’a as much as required, but before doing so:  One must recite Darood Shareef three times, at the beginning and ending of every Wazeefa. Also it is very important to make humble supplications at the ending of Wazeefa. Those who do not know how to pray or to make Wadu should take a bath, sitting facing the East, and then start to recite Wazeefa. Make sure to give thanks to Allah (swt) Almighty by reciting this short Du’a:

‘Rabbee Ack-Ramanay Shukr Allah’

(My Lord has honored me, thank you Allah)  

These are all the Wazeefa’s that require Wudu, and if possible Nafl Namaz or after Farz. These are also the purposes for these Wazeefa’s: 1. For serious sickness,  2. Livelihood, 3. Court, 4. To overcome enemies, 5. For request and desires fulfilled, 6. To remove sorrow and bring in success and happiness, 7. Seeking help to get a job/or to get pregnant, 8. To receive marriage proposals, 9. To buy/sell,    10. To face one’s enemies, 11. To remove temper, stubbornness and disrespectfulness from a child, 12. To pray for success.  Amen

I begin in the name of Allah, Most Merciful, and Most Gracious.  Allah (swt) says His pious Names are many, remember Him with these Names: People remember Him and in turn He’ll remember them.  Ask of Him and He will give.  Allah (swt) has 99 Names, amongst them all, Allah (swt) is essential, the Name Allah (swt) is    Essence, while the remaining Names are Attributes and each of them has different effects and characteristics.

Very powerful Du’as to drive Shaitan away such as evil Jinns and evil spirits.

Purposes of Du’as:

1) To bring one out from Coma, Seizure or any head injury that has to do with evil infliction.

2) To stop snoring

3) Protection from evil dreams

4) Stop corruption

5) Stop fighting

6) To remove temper

7) To remove disrespectfulness

8) To remove all evil addictions such as using of drugs and alcohol

9) To remove loose tongue

10) To remove hiccups

11) to remove evil Jinns and evil spirit and other evil from a house that is haunted and corrupted.

The rules of using all six of these Wazeefas are very important please pay keen attention and do as followed. To get relief and protection from all eleven categories.

1) First take a big jug of pure water and add some salt into it, then recite Darood Sharif for 11 times, then 75 times Ayatul-kursi over the water, blow three times over the water.

2) Then recite the six following Du’as as mentioned below separately, each one of the Du’as for 75 times as you finish reciting, blow over the water three times. As you finished reciting the Du’a for 75 times

3) Recite the 4 Quls Sharif for 7 times each, again blow three times over water as you recite each for 7 times.

4) Pray two Rakaat Nafl Namaz and in last Sijda make humble supplications seeking Allah (swt) Almighty help.

5) After this put water in spray bottle and spray the 4 walls in the house (not the washroom and please do not make the water fall on the floor) also spray the doors in the house, then use some of the water to rub up the head and the face of the affected person in the house also slightly rub the body with the water as well. Do this practice of using water on person for 11 days twice daily. (This can also be used for the person who is snoring, use water to rub the head and body then go to sleep) For those who do not know how to pray Namaz and recite Al Quran they can just do the practice of the 6 short Du’as.


  1. Rabbe wa shadad na nas Rahum Fazajay Raatay Zaj ran.

O my Lord! Make their joint strong, and strong in repelling evil.


  1. Rabee wa hifzaam min khulay shaitan nim ma reed

O my Lord! Guard (them) against all obstinate rebellious evil spirit.


  1. Rabee in Hazaa illa sehrum Mubeen wa kafa bill lahay Naser

O my Lord! This is nothing but evident sorcery; You are the Best to Protect and the Best to help.


  1. Rabee gulamin aleem me nass swalayheen

O my Lord! Endow my son (or child) with knowledge and one practicing patience and constancy.

  1. Rabee in na ho la Majnoon ra jumallish Shaiyateen wa nim Mareed wa Hafiz na min Khulay shaitan nir Rajeem.

O my Lord! Surely he (or she) is possessed, drive away the evil spirit or (Jinn) and guard him (or her) from every evil spirit accursed.


  1. In na bat shaw Rabeeka la shadeed wakanall laha allaa quh lay shai in muktadira.

Truly strong is the grip of thy Lord! And it is Allah (swt) who prevails over all things.


  1. Kala ta a roqum in dalahay ball antim cow moon tuftanoo      

Your ill omen is with Allah (swt) you are a people under trial.

This Du’a is very important to block any evil prayers and infliction from evil eyes, evil tongue etc. Recite it for 41 times and imagine the person’s face that inflicted you with the evil prayers or evil curse and blow in their face three times. Allah (swt) will make their evil wishes or prayers ineffective, Insha Allah. Ameen Do this practice as much as you feel like

  1. La howla wa la quwata illa billa hil aleeyil azeem

Recite Du’a for eleven times, blow into small amount of person’s favorite drink (non alcoholic) and Allah (swt) willing hiccups will subside,

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