Wa-alikum as-salaam, wow,  I have to congratulate my sister Naz for an amazing job well done Mashaalllah. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her.  May Allah continue to shower his choicest blessings upon our sister Inshaallah and also you Br. Roy and everyone whom have made this wonderful website available.
Again thank you all so much for the great dedication, patience, knowledge and hard work.
Sister Tasleema khan,
from Whitby,  Canada.


 Mashaw Allah , I am very please to say these few words about the journey of knowledge. From what I read so far I managed to grasp how easy it is to understand Islam and to practice it in the most simple ways. This journey is full of spiritual influences that spread s from great teachers of old . It is a guide of bravery good spirits encouragement and zealous, and most importantly a way to escape hailstorm, it teaches how Islam is a religion of peace, unity, and harmony, how disobedience to God Almighty brings it’s own terrible consequences on those who practice unfaith and disobedience to Him. How evil conduct kills the spiritual faculty, the world of today stand in great need for such guidance, I would like to encourage the people to take some time to read for themselves and experience the zealous feelings from this wonderful journey of knowledge. Which also helps to creat good energies that maintain and sustain the world. May Allah zahwajal bless this family always in abundance. My He shower us with His mercies, and His protection from the calamity of the world Ameen,

Haji NoorDeen Raoof. Landon.

Praises and Glory to Allah zahwajal Thousands of darood and Salam on His beloved Mustafa, and the rest of His prophets PBUT, From my heart l want to wish the writer of this dynamic journey of knowledge Allah’s Greatest blessings, and I want to let the world know that this lady made a great sacrifice to take on a huge responsibility upon herself to bravely spread the word of God Almighty to the nation, I travelled around the world and I have come across a lot of misleading messages and influences that corrupt peoples mind. The journey of knowledge Al Hamdolilla spreads the true messages from the Holy Quran, Mashaw Allah many people have grasped the messages that life is no more than a spider Web, flimsy before the force of the eternal verities that flow from God Supreme, material power cannot through sin defy the right nor can intelligence missed stand in the place of God’s lights, nor can boast full insolence do aught but dig up it’s own grave. May Allah zahwajal bless this sister and her family in abundance, I pray that Allah grant us the wisdom to use this vehicle and share it to others.

Kinda hafiz , Àssalam, Shake Tahir Nooranee , from Montreal

“The spiritual lesson from the Journey of Knowledge drives good energies and stands firmly by its principles.  It’s firmness against wrongdoings (evil) causes some confusion amongst the followers of evil, but it helps openly to declare the truth about evil and the cure for it. It tells the story of how evil can be conquered, chained and bound through the praises and glory of Allah. The jihad part of the Journey of Knowledge explains many points in details of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) struggle and other Prophets and Apostles which help to conquer ignorant belief and it is a clear message which everyone should read and share so others can gain wisdom to recognize the true meaning of jihad.  Sister Nazneena is working really hard and taking great responsibility on herself to promote the messages from the Holy Quran in the most simplest ways and from pure and honest motives.”

-Imam Shaheed Zakaroon – Dubai


“My comments on the Journey of Knowledge is this:  It helps with great spiritual  progress and the attainment of the heart’s desires.  It helps to cover spiritual blindness with wisdom and open doors to hearts that are closed to any extension of knowledge or spiritual influences.  It helps to strengthen weakness of faith.  The Journey of Knowledge is zealous and sets hearts free from doubts and bad energies.  My life changed completely and many along with me after using The Journey of Knowledge daily. The Journey of Knowledge is alive, there isn’t a dull moment reading it and even after reading it that zealous feelings always stay with us.  Allah (zawajal) works miraculously and gives His gift freely to those who turn sincerely to Him.  Sister Nazneena and her entire family are great examples of Allah’s sincere servants.  They work extremely hard out of pure love for Allah Almighty and His prophets and for Islam.  This sister does not accept any monetary means for her work. I am proud to give my comments because it is mentioned in Ch. 2 v. 42 “And cover not truth with falsehood or conceal the truth when you know what it is. Quda Hafiz”

-Sister Malikan Patel – South Africa


“After many years of trying to conceive for another child I was told by doctors that I would have to go through Invitro- Fertilization and even so there was no guarantee.  I was disappointed but decided to try another clinic.  The second clinic also had negative news for me.  This time I was told that my husband and I could never conceive again and if we did it would be “miracle”  These were the exact words of a medical practitioner.

A very close friend knew of my situation and told me not to give up hope.  She advised me her mother can help and if Allah (swt) wills it to be, then it shall be.  Sister Bibi N Razak guided me through the process.  I had already trusted and believed in her knowledge and wisdom.  She prepared the seven pieces of apples with Almighty Allah’s name written on it and gave it to me with instructions.  I did as she suggested.  As time went by I forgot about it and tried to move on.  I thought if Allah wills it, then it shall happen.  Six months later, to my astonishment, I discovered I was pregnant Mash Allah.  I was overwhelmed with happiness, joy and gratitude to Allah (swt) and to sister Razak for guiding and assisting me with duas and wazeefas.

I truly believe the wazeefas, duas and the apples brought my baby boy.  Allah (swt) has truly blessed me with this child.  He was born with the Almighty Allah’s name written on his forehead.  I am blessed with two children, a girl and now a boy.  They are both very special children.  Sister Bibi N. Razak has been a true guidance to me for over a decade now.  She has helped me with so many of life’s obstacles.  I completely trust her advice.  She is selfless and asks for nothing in return except for praises to the Almighty Allah (swt).  She is to me what we should strive to be, loving and kind-hearted and very generous with sharing her knowledge with Muslims and non-Muslims. I ask the Almighty Allah to continue to bless her and her beautiful family.  Also, may the Almighty  continue to grant her with a long beautiful life to be here to guide us, inshallah amen.  Her knowledge, love and dedication to Allah (swt) and everyone around her makes her a very special human being!”

-Sister JG – Toronto, ON

 “Gratitude is one form of worshiping the Almighty.  I am grateful to the Journey  of Knowledge.  I do not know this sister who it belongs to but from what I read so far i was able to grasp how this sister’s life is based on eternal principles of righteousness, fair-dealing, justice and honesty.  Her work gives out forces of strong spirit that one cannot run away from. I am sure many like myself who are glued to her vehicle of knowledge cannot help to stop the teardrops from falling when reading it.  Thanks to sister Nazneena and her beautiful helpers.”

– Afraana Raheem – Guyana, South America

“I am pleased to say that the scale of ignorance falls from my eyes after reading The Journey Of Knowledge. May Allah reward sister Nazneena”

– Brother Raoof

 “I was born handicapped, and i was very depressed, but after i started reading The Journey Of Knowledge praise God, I am a better person then before. Thanks to sister Nazneena and her family”

-Brother Ameen A

” My granddaughter was possessed, and thanks to sister Nazneena’s hard work and dedicated services to Allah my granddaughter was cured through taweez that were written with Allah’s name. She is a living proof of this miracle”

-Brother Satter Khan

I am pleased to inform the people who do not believe in dua water that Surah Yasin was recited nine times over pure water which i was instructed to give my husband to drink.He has been  out of control since the day we got married. I am very grateful to my creator Allah for his help as i have seen great changes in his behavior. May Allah reward sister Nazneena for her tremendous amount of love and dedication to help people all around the world . I thank her form the bottom of my heart.”

-Sister Ameera

I am pleased to say that the Journey of Knowledge gives out many good virtues of wisdom and understanding. A fine description of peace and unity which is what the world is short of these days. A true and sincere faith which fixes its gaze on God Almighty favors, and His forgiveness and true guidance for those who will take it. It brings the attention to all human beings that selfish or worldly motives fade away in the sight of Allah almighty. Only good and righteous motives stand out firmly and lead to good to salvation. It tells the story and gives hope to the grieving hearts that those who bear with patience and strive and suffer in God Almighty cause are promised a mercy especially from himself, His own good pleasure from His blessings, and gardens of perpetual delight in the hereafter. It teaches many stories in parables and in details that if hindrance in gods cause we have to choose which we love most and we must love God almighty even if it involves the sacrifice of all (Kith and Kin etc) I am proud to let the world know that the Journey Of Knowledge changed my life and many more who I told about it.  It is easy to read and easy to grasp the messages of Allah swt from the Holy Qu-ran.  Sister Nazneena and her two daughters Shazeena and Samaya, and her faithful husband brother Roy Razak are doing a very wonderful job.  May Allah Almighty reward them in abundance.  Me and my husband have great love for this family and we feel very blessed knowing them and are friends with them. Khunda Haffiz.

-Bibi “A Arfat Hakeem- Germany

I am from Guyana and I came to Canada when I was a little boy but I know this sister Nazneena and her other siblings, who I am a very good friends with some of them. I happened to receive her book The Journey of our Daily Life and the first thing I said after receiving this book is this sister is one out of many Guyanese women who probably is the first to write a book.
I was very amazed and impressed by this sister and my respect grows deeper for her after reading the Journey of our Daily Life, which is a book that has so much wisdom and teaches so much love, how to give and how to receive it also teaches how parents should love and respect their children, this is something we never hear in a lecture. We always hear how children must respect parents. There is so much good advice that parents and children can take to make their lives better.
By God’s grace I took them and my life has changed for the better. Sister continue your good work God bless you and your family, not many like you out there.

Mooeen Jameel – Guyana, South America.

May God’s grace be on all of His people.
Nazneena is not only my friend but she is my sister friend, that is how we became close and what I am about to tell you is the story of Nazneena’s lifestyle growing up as a child through to her teenage years (which was the hardest ever for her) but the most amazing thing with Nazneena was she always buried her sorrows with her great sense of humour.
No words can express what I’m feeling to hear of the amazing work that she, her husband, children and daughter-in-law are doing there in Canada. I feel as if God Himself came down and held all of their hands to write and put out God’s messages in such beautiful and simple ways that even a small child can read it and will have no problem to grasp the meaning of it.
I am very proud of her and her family and more so proud to be her friend. Her work is very zealous and shines like a brilliant star in the hearts of many. I urge everyone to read it and experience the life from it.
God bless this family and mines and yours as well.

Desree – Guyana, South America.

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