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Assalaamu Alaikum (peace be unto you) brothers and sisters in Islam, and to our non-Muslim friends, we wish you peace and blessings. Welcome to our website. As you peruse this website you should understand a little about the source of knowledge that has inspired this undertaking.

Some of you may ask who is this sister, Mrs. Bibi Nazneena Razak and what gives her the authority to tackle the sometimes tough, and spiritually responsive topics you will encounter on this site? Before I answer this question I just want to pose a question to you. If you have someone in your life that always provides you with advice, that always leads you the right way, that answers tough questions with such ease and wisdom, where you have no doubt the answer comes from somewhere untapped, somewhere only few can reach, somewhere that transcends the physical realms of this world, how would you feel about that person? This is where the author of this website is coming from.

Mrs. Razak spends countless hours in Qur’anic study, countless hours in Tahajud Namaz, countless hours keeping awake, studying late hours of the night into very early morning. So many hours that I have to wonder how on earth she finds the energy to function in her daily tasks, but Alhamdu-lillah she does. These countless hours Mrs. Razak has spent and continue to spend studying Al-Qur’an has given her wisdom beyond words.

Mrs. Razak is not a stranger to providing spiritual guidance to others. Many, many people have called her over the years to receive advice, Du’as or Taweez for problems ranging from domestic to major health issues, and Alhamdu-lillah she has been successful in helping whoever has contacted her, of course through Allah’s (swt) grace. She does nothing without praying to Allah Almighty first for guidance, and despite being offered financial compensation many times she has never taken any monetary gain from anyone.

One more very important fact to note is that Mrs. Razak was illiterate and through Allah Almighty’s grace she taught herself to read and write, and her only goal is to assist others with the knowledge she’s been blessed with. It just goes to show there’s no limit to what you can do if you put your mind to it. All the knowledge in these pages comes from someone who didn’t receive formal education, but she sought to better herself, which she did.

The things I have written is not because Mrs. Razak is my mother, it’s because I have seen first hand her wisdom and guidance affect my own life. It hasn’t been just once it’s been time and time again. I can honestly say I don’t know anyone wiser, more spiritually grounded, Alhamdu-lillah.

May you by God Almighty’s grace find what it is you’re looking for while perusing this site.


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Surely my prayers, my service of sacrifices and my life and death are all in the hands of our Creator.
Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Baraktahu.
Welcome all of you wonderful people. My great respect to each and everyone of you, my Brothers and Sisters; My respectful Imams and my Honourable Shaykh’s. I am very pleased to welcome all of you on our journey to peace, love and unity.
This is the unity of Brotherhood, walking humble side by side in the ways of our Lord, with mutual aid and comfort and heartfelt prayers backed by conduct and actions that God Almighty’s good purposes may be accomplished in us all together.
My sincere thanks goes to those of you who sent me numerous appreciative letters, emails and comments. May God Almighty reward all of you in abundance.
Please do not stop sending me e-mails, comments and letters. Also please let me know if you have any questions, or opinions or any other problems which by God’s Guidance and His Grace we can fix. We will work together to make God’s Light shine forth through the darkness around us. So I take leave of thee gentle readers and pray for thy spiritual advancement, as I wish thee to pray for mine as well.



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