The Journey of our Daily Lives – The Circle of Righteousness – Section 1 – Part 6

Haseena and her husband’s great effort to spread Islam and the hard task of finding their Shaykh.

An Messenger, who rehearses to you the Signs of Allah containing clear explanations, that he may lead forth those who believe and do righteous deeds from the depths of Darkness into Light. And those who believe in Allah and work righteousness, He will admit to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow, to dwell therein for ever: Allah has indeed granted for them a most excellent Provision. 065.011

After many years went by Haseena and her husband Abdul migrated to Canada. They found things to be very different than what they were used to. There were only two Muslim organizations established so it was very difficult to obtain information such as: prayer times, the Islamic calendar, and even Halal meat. The first couple of years were very difficult for Haseena and her family. Since things were not easily accessible their practices in Islam began to weaken, but not for Haseena. She approached her husband with the idea of forming their own organization. Abdul who was involved in organization activities prior to migrating to Canada loved this idea, as this was his dream before he came to Canada, and so they formed a Jamaat after living in Canada for only two years. Ten years later they formed another organization, which by Allah’s (swt) grace are both fully established to this date. These were not the only things that Haseena accomplished after moving to Canada. She taught herself to read Qur’an which is indeed a great miracle and blessing from Allah (swt). She never attended a madrasah or had an Ustad. She received a flyer in her mailbox of the ninety-nine Names of Allah (swt), at the bottom it mentioned, “Choose any one of Allah’s (swt) Names that is applicable to your need and desire and recite as a wazeefa for forty-one nights, Allah’s (swt) willing your request will be fulfilled.” She chose “knowledge” (Ya Aleemo) and did a wazeefa for forty-one nights asking Allah (swt Almighty to bestow knowledge on her so that she may learn to read Arabic.

One month after she attended a function and picked up a Du’a book and began reciting it in Arabic as though she had known it all her life (Alhamdu-Lillah), and to her great surprise she was able to do the same with her Qur’an when she went home. She began to immerse herself in her Qur’an until she gained a very high level of spirituality. She was advised by a close friend of Abdul named Kamal (who is also a lover of Allah (swt.) And His Rasool (owbp) that she needed to seek the guidance and teachings of a Shaykh, (a spiritual teacher). This was something very new to Haseena; she never knew that after attaining a certain level of spirituality, one may need a spiritual teacher whose advice would help to gain protection from the whispering or handy work of the Shaitaan, since the Shaitaan would more likely choose one who is righteous and God fearing as his prey. Haseena and her husband met with a Shaykh, but it proved unsuccessful for he was reluctant to help. Kamal then suggested that Hassena meet with his Shaykh. His Shaykh was very cooperative, and told Haseena that he was unable to help her for her spiritual status was very high and she needed someone who was higher than him. Haseena was very determined to find a Shaykh that would be able to help her. About two weeks later Haseena got a call from a friend, telling her that a relative in New York called her about a pious Shaykh currently visiting New York. Haseena was overjoyed upon hearing this news. Haseena called the Sister in New York, to request that the Shaykh come to her home. She was told that this particular Shaykh was a Wali Allah and that he does not stay at anyone house, but if she were to organize a Masjid where he could stay, then he would come. Haseena was persistent; she wanted the Shaykh to come to her home. She asked the Sister to give her phone number to the Shaykh so he could call her hoping that in speaking to him she could convince him to come to her home. Haseena then called her parents as soon as she hung up the phone with the Sister in New York to tell them that not only did she find a Shaykh, but that he was also a ‘Friend of Allah (swt).’ Her father said that if that was indeed true, then the Shaykh would automatically (Through the inspiration from Allah swt.) know how desperately she wanted him to come, and he would come. Not long after she received a call from the Sister in New York, saying that before she could even relay the message to the Shaykh, he said “Call that sister in Canada and tell her that I am coming to her house.” Subhan Allah.

Looking back on all these miraculous events that took place in her life, Haseena knew that it all started from that tiny seed that was planted by Allah (swt) in her heart for Him and His Rasool (owbp). Had Allah (swt) not given her the strength to nourish that seed, none of these things would have been possible. Haseena managed to achieve a righteous chain, and through Haseena’s love of Naats and Salaam on the Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (owbp), Allah (swt) showered her with His blessings, and answered her prayers and her supplications. Through this chain Haseena was able to impact the lives of all those with whom she came in contact with. She was able to touch the lives of others and inspire them through the teachings of Islam, and through her sharing of Islam, she is being rewarded by Allah (swt), Alhamdu-Lillah and so the righteous chain continues. Haseena great efforts and difficult task of finding a Shaykh was very successful. She wanted everyone who she knew to experience the great joy of meeting such a pious and righteous servant of Allah (swt). Haseena and her husband invited everyone they knew, so that he would have a cheerful and delighted welcome for his first visit, and the joy for everyone to meet with this great spiritual leader who was none other than His Eminence Pir-e-Tariqat Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammad Abdul Wahab Siddiqi (r.a.)

Haseena said the joy that she felt when she saw his face for the very first time was like finding a precious stone knowing that it was yours to keep. Her heart was pounding with sincere joy, especially after realizing these few things:

  1. Her guest Maulana Muhammad Abdul Wahab Siddiqi r.a. was Allah’s (swt) precious gift to her and her family, through all of her hard efforts and sacrifices which she dedicated in her services to Allah (swt) and His Rasool (owbp).
  2. She was pleased to share her gift with her relatives and close friends.
  3. She was pleased to know that through her, everyone who was in the gathering had the opportunity to meet a friend of Allah (swt).

Haseena said words could not express the real joy that she felt from the moment the Sister from New York called her to give her the good news of the Shaykh’s decision to come to her home. And now that he is gone, the amount of joy which she felt receiving him, the same amount of hurt and sadness she felt losing him. All of her hope and trust is with Allah (swt), that He would unite her and her family with him at the time of their death. Haseena’s heart would not find peace and satisfaction until she knew that he would be there with the Angel of death to receive her and her family at the end of their journey in this life. She is working really hard along with her family to carry on his mission which is the Zikr of Allah (swt), and in spreading the messages of Al-Qur’an.

Haseena wanted more than anything to fulfill the desire of her Shaykh, but being uneducated she knew her task would be very tough, but this did not stop her. She tried to think of things that he would love to write about, and she did lots of special prayers and supplication to Allah (swt) to inspire her as to what topics she should write about so as to please him. Alhamdu-Lillah she was inspired by Allah (swt) to write stories, parables with examples with important lessons from them, which would help the readers steer their lives into a decent and better one. This would in turn help to stop conflicts and bring peace to the Muslim Umma. Haseena hopes and prays that this would be pleasing to her Shaykh. Her prayers are for Allah (swt) to make her task easy for her and for Him to reward all the readers and all those who have assisted her, and pray for all of us to be united with our Beloved Shaykh at the time and after our death Inshaa Allah. Ameen.

For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord; 008:002

Such in truth are the believers: they have grades of dignity with their Lord, and forgiveness, and generous sustenance: 008:004

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