The Journey of our Daily Lives – The Circle of Evil – Section 2 – Part 1

A faithful servant of Allah (swt) caught off guard in the devil’s web.

This is a story of a faithful and sincere servant of Allah (swt) who named Umra and who got caught off-guard into the devil’s conduct of witchcraft for just seven days. Even though she repented right after she realized that she got trapped through the influences of evil into becoming his (Shaitaan) slave, she still suffered for fourteen long years, as the saying goes: What goes around do comes around, whether it is good or bad, both has their inevitable consequences, no doubt about it.

After Umra’s great ordeal, she seriously took these two verses from the Holy Qur’an to make the foundation of her life style.

Say: Shall I give you glad tidings of things Far better than those? For the righteous are Gardens in nearness to their Lord, with rivers flowing beneath; therein is their eternal home; with companions pure (and holy); and the good pleasure of Allah. For in Allah’s sight are (all) His servants,- 003:015

There is no god but He: That is the witness of Allah, His angels, and those endued with knowledge, standing firm on justice. There is no god but He, the Exalted in Power, the Wise. 003:018

Alhamdu-Lillah so far she has been a very strong soldier of Islam. She managed to triumph over many battles from the evil force of witch craft, evil eyes and evil tongue.

Here is her true story with her first battle with the evil force from witchcraft.

Umra was a beautiful young girl and a very God fearing person who came from a very poor family. She got married in 1973 to a fine handsome young man, and moved away very far from her parents. Her husband Deen worked in a small town also very far from his parent’s home. They loved each other very much and being newly married, they didn’t want to be apart from each other. They decided to rent a place close to where Deen worked, but the cost to rent was too high and they could not afford it. One day Deen met an old class mate by the name of Mezan, and they started talking. He mentioned his dilemma to her and she told him that she have a room under her house which she would gladly rent to him for a very reasonable price. He was very happy and after discussing it with his wife Umra, they agreed to rent the room. So Deen and Umra moved in to their new room, it was very small with one bedroom and a small cooking area, but they were happy. Things were going fine for a period of time, and then Mezan started to show her true colors. She would provoke and torment Umra at every opportunity. Mezan would set up people to terrorize Umra when Deen goes to work at night. She even went to the extreme of seeking evil means to separate them, causing Deen and Umra to fight. Unknowing to Deen and Umra, Mezan had a crush on Deen since they were in school. Mezan husband was a very old man and she was not happy with him and thought that since Deen was living below her, it was a good opportunity to get her desire. Umra’s neighbour, Carmen told Umra that Mezan was doing witchcraft to separate them, because she wanted Deen for herself. Umra confronted Mezan and asked her if this was true. Mezan said it is true for she knew him before Umra and she would show her that she would win his heart over. Umra told Mezan that goodness always prevails over evil, and if in the sight of Allah (swt) she is a good person, then she will be the winner. The next day Carmen told Umra, that she can take her to someone who is a witchcraft doctor, who would give her something which would make Mezan go crazy. Umra told Carmen that she does not believe in evil rituals and she would never turn to it for she is afraid of the punishment from Allah (swt). Carmen insisted that she have to fight fire with fire, which is the only way for her to have peace, still Umra refused her offer. Carmen never liked Umra because she was a Muslim and a very God fearing and dedicated person to her religion. She wanted to steer Umra away from Islam and to join her in her evil worshipping, since she was involved in performing witchcraft. Now she became angry because Umra would not pay heed to her advice. One day Mezan tormented Umra very badly, it was unbearable and Umra started to cry bitterly in her prayer and in her supplication to Allah (swt). After finishing her prayer, Umra noticed Carmen standing at her door with two blue candles in her hand. (Observe how the Shaitaan never gives up with a believer).

She told Umra that she witnessed everything, and asked her how much more torment she could tolerate. She continued to sweet talk Umra with words of honey. (This is how evil people operate, sly and smooth tongue, they even shed crocodile tears to draw someone onto their evil clutches).

Carmen told Umra all she had to do was light the candles for seven days and do some rituals over them, which would result in Mezan’s husband giving her a good beating? This caught Umra’s attention, for she wanted to see Mezan pay for all the torment she put her through, so she finally agreed (Carmen caught Umra at a time when she was weak and vulnerable, that she had forgotten that this was the work of the devil).

Umra started the procedure with the candles. Through the witchcraft that Mezan was also involved in, she happened to find out what Umra was up to, which sent her into a deep rage. She waited for the seven days which Umra had to finish and with plans of her own. That evening after Deen left for work, Mezan and her husband hired three men to rob and beat Umra. (Point to observe; Allah (swt) do protect and guide His faithful servants, who gets caught off guard into the devil’s clutches). Umra was feeling very restless and suspected that something bad was going to happen to them, so she went over to Carmen’s house to stay there. From the mouth of one tiger to another). She asked Carmen’s husband Harold (who liked Deen very much) to go to Deen’s workplace to see if he was okay, and asked to accompany Deen home after work. He agreed and left when it was close to the time when Deen finished working. Boy was he in for a big surprise! As he approached the gates of Deen’s workplace, there was a bushy area, a truck pass by and its lights shone in the direction of the bush, and he saw some people with axes and knives hiding in the bushes. He pretended not to see anything and proceeded to the gate and spoke with the security guards who agreed to escort Deen and himself home. Deen then picked up Umra and went home. About one hour later, all of a sudden they heard slashing at their door and window. Umra and Deen started yelling for help, at the same time a police officer was driving by. The officer stopped after he saw the commotion and he witnessed the whole scene since he was waiting for backup. Just as the door broke down and the intruders entered, so did the police who arrested them all including the landlord. It was a night to remember, a night of terror and horror. After this terrifying and dreadful experience, Umra realized that this evil backfired which almost caused the lives of her and her husband. Umra said, “What a dreadful and waste of life it would have been.

Umra bow her head in shame and repentance to Allah (swt) and thank Him for several things:

  1. She was grateful that the evil backfired, because it helped her with the understanding of how evil works, and the dangers of it, which she wouldn’t wish to happen to her worst enemy.
  2. She was also grateful that no harm came to Mezan, for the guilt of knowing that she hurt a human being, especially by evil means would suffocate her for the rest of her life.
  3. She was grateful that Almighty Allah (swt) was watching over her, with true guidance of His inspiration and protection. (Indeed Almighty Allah (swt) is most Merciful and Kind to His sincere servants).
  4. She was also grateful that Almighty Allah (swt) rescued her from becoming a slave for shaitaan (devil), and was able to repent before this evil disease could spread on her heart and cause her spiritual blindness.
  5. She was also grateful that Almighty Allah (swt) not only protected her, but made her go through this ordeal, as a lesson to her, and to make her stay very far away from evil and to be able to warn others as well, for evil does exist.

Allah (swt) says in the Holy Qur’an:

Their hearts toying as with trifles. The wrong-doers conceal their private counsels, (saying), “Is this (one) more than a man like yourselves? Will ye go to witchcraft with your eyes open?” 021:003

I am a true and very close friend to Umra, like her shadow (that’s how close we are), I can tell you for sure, Allah (swt) never stopped giving her tests of thrilling exercises to keep her in constant remembrance of Him. From that one mistake that Umra made, even though she was tricked into it, she suffered a great deal of grief, pain and anguish.

After that ordeal, Deen quit his job and moved away to live with his in-laws, they were blessed with two loving children, who later fell as victims to this evil sickness, all the sufferings she went through with Mezan, it was just the smoke from the fire. It was the beginning to a fire which constantly burned for thirteen years. But due to Umra’s strong and sincere love for Allah (swt), she was able to grasp the faith, wisdom, knowledge, patience and understanding to hold onto her family under the protection of Allah (swt). It wasn’t an easy task for Umra to hold onto her family, since several things happened at the same time in her life.

Umra’s son and daughter who are dearer to her than her own life, they were losing their minds to a point where they were not themselves, they were trapped in the devil’s clutches through witchcraft, and they were acting as two different people who hated Umra, and wanted to see her suffer. They were like two bulls charging to a piece of red cloth. Umra went into a deep depression, her mind completely turned from her husband and her two children, they were like complete strangers to her, but she never made them feel that way. She always took her complains to Allah (swt), she would bow her head down in prayers for hours, crying and pleading to Almighty Allah (swt) for His forgiveness and His help. She never went outside her home, nor did she know what day it was, or if it was day or night, she could not sleep, her eyes were swollen from crying, her brain was working constantly every day and night to build a strong shield of protection to keep herself and family close together under Allah’s (swt) protection. She stood strong, facing all the conflict and confusion this evil weapon that was trying to cripple, crush and butcher her life (through her loved ones). Despite all of this she never failed to give them all the love and support they needed to get out from the devil’s clutches. She was very brave, courageous and determined to regain her love for her family and win back their love for her. Umra’s fingers were chopped, her feet were smashed, and her head was partially scalped, her own relatives beat her up several times and she never yet turned her back from her prayers. She never looked for sympathy or attention from her husband or her children, but rather gave them her undivided love and attention. She was going almost blind from crying, her eyes were never out of tears, she use to cover it up with smiles so her family wouldn’t see her grief. Despite her condition she would not lay in bed. Due to her extraordinary strength and her sincere dedication to Allah (swt), she was blessed with the five tools as her weapon to save herself and her family from the devil’s clutches and became very successful and victorious, Praises and thanks be to Allah (swt). The tools were patience, strength, courage, wisdom and understanding. Umra said, all along her grief and sorrow, Allah (swt) was very Merciful and kind to her and her family; for after every calamity that she faced, there was ease and comfort along with it. Like ice cool water to quench one’s thirst on a very hot and sunny day. She also said, as much as she suffered, her family suffered a great deal more.

Just imagine to yourself, it took Umra fourteen years to wash the devil’s stain off her hands, how long will it take for those people who inflict the harm on others by means of evil. The God fearing people, who were subject to such sufferings, will for sure receive Allah’s (swt) love, protection, comfort and ease in this world and the hereafter, but the evil doers will not get any help in this world or in the hereafter, their destination will be the fire of hell. They may feel joyful over the grief they cause on innocent people’s lives; they themselves are suffering twice as much. They do not get any ease and comfort to their sufferings, so they are always bitter and miserable, ugliness will cover up any beauty in their face, and they will get uglier.

For the righteous and the God fearing people, beauty will cover up any ugliness; they will get more beautiful, like the shining full moon. Allah (swt) is the Greatest

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