Eid Mubarak!

Eid greetings to all the believers through out the world.  Asalam Alaikum Wah Rahamatula Hay Wa Barakata hu.  Eid Mubarak and Allah’s Blessings upon us all, ameen.

Ramadan appears to us once a year to prepare and teach us how to store true values such as: helping the poor , those with disabilities, kind words, covering others faults, making amends with others over disputes, repenting to Almighty Allah for our sins, showing self-restraint in firmness and patience, exercising justice, prayers and praises in the Name of Allah (swt) in His remembrance, seeking His Blessings in doing His Zikr.

Ramadan appears like out of darkness and shines a beautiful light, which lights up the souls by seeking Allah’s (swt) glorious presence morning, noon and night and which will help deter us from all scandals, back-biting and miserliness.  Allah’s (swt) security and His prosperity envelopes all those who make the effort to strive and struggle through out the blessed month with patience, prayers and His remembrance.

As we are preparing to bid farewell to this glorious vehicle that brings showers of God Almighty’s gifts and His healing for some hearts we ought to practice what it came to teach us and hold on strongly to it’s rope which it stretches out for us until its return.

What can be seen by the eyes and heard by the ears is nothing compared to what can be felt by the heart and today being Eid is a day of joy and a day that is filled with Allah’s grace and His Mercies and His Blessings.  A day of harvest from a long struggle and sacrifice that encourages one to reach their individual goals in both worlds and earn their Lords pleasure and His treasure which is His love, mercies forgiveness, and blessings.

Here is a message to encourage us to keep nourishing these blessings until Judgment day:  We always take for granted Allah’s loving care and let the days go by without a thought of all the loving care He gives, the praises, the discipline, wisdom and skills that He has taught by inspiration.

Eid isn’t only our special day that brings us joy but many thoughts of Allah Almighty are present on Eid through the blessings and inspiration we share.  We ought to continue our service and our praises in remembering and glorifying Him for it would save us from the shaitan’s stain.

Every thought and praise of Allah (swt) brings an affectionate thanks for all His gracious mercies and favours, security from all calamities that can be thrown into our life’s path.  Rabee Akramanay Shukri Allah: “Our Lord Has honoured us, thanks to Him”

My self and my faithful family would like to send every one of our readers a special gift of wishes fulfilled, by Allah’s grace you will be remembered in every special way so think of all the nicest things you like to have come through and InshAllah that’s what we will be wishing to come through for you on this blessed day of Eid, Ameen.

Eid Mubarak with hearts full of love,

Nazneena and her family,

Jazak Allah

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