Allah says to look upon my signs and grasp

Allah says look upon my signs and grasp, Ch 2 v. 269 “He to whom wisdom is granted receives a benefit overflowing, but none will grasp the message but men of understanding.”  Many of us have knowledge and feel we know all about the meaning of the messages from the Quran and this causes a lot of conflict in the Islamic society.

Nobody wants to give respect to parents, children, siblings and relatives whom are righteous beyond their level.  Material wealth receives respect but the ones who are grounded in spiritual wisdom they are laughed and mocked at.

Pay heed my dearest kith and kin and my friends who so ever falls into the above category of ignorance.  Change your actions and give respect and be obedient to your elders whom are righteous or any righteous ones that you know.

As mentioned in Ch. 18 v. 28 “Keep thy soul content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening seeking His face; and let not thine eyes pass beyond them.”  Do not do as you like without spiritual advice or spiritual guidance. If someone is very poor in your society, but are wise seek their advice and their friendship by Allah’s (swt) grace. Through their wise advice you can reach your goal and salvation.  In contrast to the above question I hope my answers are satisfying: our choice in our limited free-will involves a corresponding personal responsibility.  We are taught to listen to those who are wise, and if we disobey them and fall into the devil’s clutches then we must feel the consequences: for example if we are struggling to strive in our material life’s conduct and we are advised by a spiritual teacher that someone has put a block on our life from striving; and we argue with that person with doubt in our hearts we do not only disobey our spiritual teacher but we cause ourselves to go deeper and deeper into sin.

We disobey Allah’s righteous servants and we also disobey Allah’s commands from the Chapter 18 v. 28 where we are told to listen to those who are grounded in wisdom and also if we do not believe that evil can block us from striving we are also going against Al-Quran. Ch. 2 v. 268 “The evil one threatens you with poverty and bid you to conduct unseemly.”

Ch. 38 v. 41 (Prophet Job) “Behold He cried to his Lord, the evil one has affected me with distress and suffering.” Job’s distress was of many kinds: Physical, mental and spiritual.  He suffered from loathsome sores.  He lost his home, his possessions, family and almost lost his mind.  Chapter 113 and 114 we are warned against evil from the mischief from those who practice secret arts, envy and the mischief of all created things, such as: black magic and witchcraft, and secret plotting which is a favorite form of witchcraft practiced by perverted women who blow on knots.  Such secret arts cause psychological terror seeking to destroy the happiness of a man’s material and spiritual life.  Allah (swt) bestowed abundant wisdom, vision and bounties that cannot be counted or measured to His servants who are enveloped by evil, and suffer through evil and tribulation with prayers, patience, firmness and constancy.  Constancy in His praises and remembrance.

Look around your community or your household. If you can find such a humble and pious servant amongst the people do not turn your back from their company and from their advice. “May Allah grant us the criterion to judge between right and wrong and remove all ill and evil that may inflict us and forgive us our sins.” ameen. Ch. 8 v. 29.

For example in every school there are principals, teachers and all the rest are students, likewise in every Islamic society you may find one pious person, a few ordinary honest people and many others who just bear the name “Muslim” but do not practice Islam as they should.


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