The Journey of our Daily Lives – The Circle of Righteousness – Section 2 – Part 8

The Miraculous story between two friends – Oneeb and Haseeb

The best of people are the ones that have true faith, who call all people regardless of color, class or creed to share their faith, whose life is pure, and whose law of life is the will of Allah (swt), and who eschews all evil and adores Allah (swt). To those who are going on the wrong path kind words of wisdom is a way to heal their blindness, which deprives them from hope, humility and clear sight. The Holy Qur’an states:

All who obey Allah and the messenger are in the company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah,- of the prophets (who teach), the sincere (lovers of Truth), the witnesses (who testify), and the Righteous (who do good): Ah! what a beautiful fellowship! 004:069

The following is a small story that is an example of this beautiful passage from the Holy Qur’an

There were once two very close friends named Oneeb and Haseeb. Oneeb was very kind and gentle to his parents, while Haseeb was very disrespectful to his parents. Oneeb being a true and faithful servant of Allah (swt)and a true and sincere follower of the beloved holy Prophet Muhammad, (owbp) could not bear to see the way Haseeb behaved towards his parents, especially his mother, so Oneeb decided to have a talk with Haseeb to try to find out why he was acting this way.

“My friend! My brother I saw the great love that you have for your parents. I have seen how you grieve and the pain that you go through whenever you quarrel with them. You have also told me several times that your mother is your queen and if she should die before you, the minute you found out you might also die that same minute as well, because of the great love that you have for her. So I don’t understand why you are upset and in a haste all the time? My heart goes out for you as well; I feel your pain and want to help you.”

Haseeb replied “All my mother does is pray all day long, and I feel as if God is not answering her prayers, because we are so poor. Some days we don’t even eat because there is nothing in the house to eat, so when I tell her to stop praying she tells me that Allah (swt) Almighty is testing us, and if I change into a good and decent person and start to be obedient, Allah (swt) will make us wealthy in this world and in the hereafter.”

Oneeb replied “My friend my parents are not half as righteous as yours and even though I love my parents I truly admire your parents for their righteousness. I wish my parents could be kind and humble like yours, but still I am very kind to my parents, I treat them with the utmost respect. We are also poor, but I have never blamed my parents or God for his tests and tribulations, so maybe if you try to listen to your mother’s advice and change your lifestyle you may see a change. Even just by pleasing your mother Allah (swt) could make you rich as a king, like your mother advised you.”

The idea of achieving wealth enticed Haseeb so much that he decided to take his friends advice, so he went to buy his mother some fresh roses. He later realized that he did not have any money so he decided to leave the florist, but as he was about to leave his eyes fell on a beautiful bunch of red roses. He picked them up and there were water drops on the petals. One of the water drops fell on his cheek as he picked the flower up to smell it. The sense of the water on his cheek made him remember his mother’s tears during all the times of difficulty he gave her. Haseeb started to cry as a very strange feeling came over him, a feeling of genuine pain and sympathy for his mother. He then told himself if this is how his parents usually feel after he fights with them, then this is a major test for him from Allah (swt), and he promised as of that same moment he would never ever give his parents any more trouble, since he couldn’t bear the pain from the feelings that came over him for even a few minutes, much less the pain and grief that his parents went through for several years. After all of this thought and consideration, he raised his hands in supplication and prayed “Oh Allah (swt) forgive me for all the grief that I have put my parents through, and when I decided to change it was because I wanted to be as rich as a king, but today I changed my mind. I want to please my parents so that I can make up to them for all the grief that I have put them through, so that I may also enjoy your spiritual wealth, and if possible please give us a little material wealth, so that I can see my parents eat a nice and delicious meal, also but please give material wealth to my friend Oneeb, for he deserves it since he is a true and sincere friend to me, and bless him with a good and beautiful wife as well.”

Haseeb then went to Oneeb and told him that he is now looking at a changed man and he changed for Allah’s (swt) pleasure. Haseeb also told Oneeb that he asked Allah (swt) to make him (Oneeb) rich like a king.

Oneeb said “thank you my friend, but if Allah (swt) should answer your prayers then half of my wealth will be yours.”

Haseeb said “I also prayed for you to get a beautiful wife”

“That I would not share with you my friend” laughed Oneeb. After this the two boys went their separate ways home.

A few days later Oneeb got invited to the opening of a Masjid in another village, so he went over to Haseeb’s house to invite him. Haseeb could not go because his mother was ill, therefore Oneeb left without him, but before he left he asked Haseeb to ask his mother if she could say a prayer for him. Haseeb’s mother overheard this and she said to him “Allah (swt) will bless you and guide you straight, as your advice helped to put my son on a straight path, but remember being obedient is the key to your pleasure and to your success. Keep this advice at the back of your mind always.”

“Thank you very much” replied Oneeb and he then departed. After walking a few hours he decided to take a rest under a tree. The tree was very interesting for half of the tree was dead, and the other half was as green as ever. Oneeb then said to the tree “O tree when I arrive at the Masjid, I will pray for you since I see that you are in some distress, for a part of you is alive while the other is dead.”

As Oneeb continued on his journey he observed a man building a house. He greeted the man with Salaam, the man replied with Salaams. The man whose name was Omar observed the tiredness in Oneeb and asked him where he was headed; Oneeb told him that he is heading for the opening of their new Masjid in their village. Omar invited him into his house for some refreshment, and told him to rest for the night and continue your journey in the morning. Oneeb took Omar’s advice and spent the night. The next morning he thanked Omar for his kind hospitality. Omar requested, “Please do me one favor when you arrive at your destination, make humble supplication for my two daughters to marry good spouses.” “Insha-Allah I will do that for you.” replied Oneeb then he left.

As he was about to reach the Masjid he observed a lone horse standing in the middle of a big meadow. He went over to the horse, but the horse galloped away. He said to the horse, I will pray for you.” and continued on his journey.

Oneeb finally arrived at the Masjid, he stayed there for a few days. He prayed for the tree, Omar, and the horse as he promised he would. As he was getting ready to return home he saw a very old feeble man. He rushed over to his side and greeted him with Salaam’s, and helped the man take his shoes off. After they became familiar with each other, the old man asked him to stay the night and leave early in the morning. Oneeb remembered Haseeb’s mother’s advice, to be obedient is the key to his success, he then told the old man that he will do as he wished. So Oneeb stayed with the old man for the night and told him about the experiences with the tree, the horse and Omar’s request. The old man told him “The horse that is in the field alone is for two reasons: first he is very wild and wouldn’t let anyone ride him, and second he is a gift for a very faithful servant of Allah (swt). If you greet him with Assalaam Alaikum and he runs to you then you will be the one who Allah (swt) has reserved him for. As to the man, Omar who has the two daughters go back to him, and tell him that you saw me. Tell him that we discussed a little about his desires for his daughters, and I sent you and your good friend Haseeb as my choices for his son-in-laws. As for the tree when you reach it just dig out the dry part and refill it with fresh dirt, and it will grow as green as ever.

Oneeb was extremely puzzled by the old man’s advice, but he did not question him. Instead he gave him a lot of respect, as he remembered the advice of Haseeb’s mother. So Oneeb told the old man “By Allah’s (swt) grace I will do as you wish.” And he left to go home. He first came across the horse, when he went up to the horse he shouted Assalaam Alaikum! And to his surprise the horse started to rush over to him! He was so shocked but started to play with the horse, and remembering what the old man said he mounted the horse and the horse did not resist, so Oneeb continued the rest of his journey on the back of his new found friend, which he named Boz.

Oneeb approached Omar’s house and went in to give him the message from the old man. Omar was extremely happy to see Oneeb, and offered him some tea. Omar couldn’t help noticing Oneeb’s new horse so he asked him where he got the horse from. Oneeb excitedly told Omar the story of the old man at the Masjid, and all the wonderful advice that he got from him. As he was relaying the story Omar’s eyes filled up with tears. Oneeb continued on to tell Omar that the old man chose him and his friend Haseeb for his son-in-laws.

“I will agree with all pleasure for you and your friend, for I can see that you are a God – fearing man, and I am sure your friend will be the same.” replied Omar.
Oneeb said “I will accept one of your daughters for my wife, but I cannot answer for my friend, so I promise you when I arrive home I will speak to my friend.” A few days later Oneeb happily married Omar’s eldest daughter. He set out for his journey back home with his new wife and new found friend Boz, when he approached the tree he stopped to do what the old man told him to do. He started to dig out the dead part of the tree to replace it with fresh dirt, and to his great surprise he found a whole lot of treasure! Oneeb was in so much shock, he thought that he was dreaming. He then turned to his wife and asked her if she saw the treasure as well, she replied “Yes! I can see all of the treasure, and no you are not dreaming.” On hearing his wife’s reply Oneeb raised his hands in supplication and thanked Allah (swt) for being so kind to him, and asked Allah (swt) to bless the old man for his advice. After his prayer he replaced the hole with fresh dirt, watered the roots and left with his wife and his new found wealth.

Those who believe and work righteous deeds,- from them shall We blot out all evil (that may be) in them, and We shall reward them according to the best of their deeds. 029:007

When he arrived home he rushed over to his parents and embraced them. Oneeb’s parents were extremely shocked to find Oneeb with a horse and a girl! They asked him what was going on. He told them this is a miracle from Allah (swt) which he himself is still in shock. Oneeb introduced his wife to his parents and proceeded to tell them the entire miraculous story. After he finished relating the amazing story to his parents, he rushed over to Haseeb’s house. Haseeb rushed out of the house to meet him.

Oneeb excitedly said “My friend! Do I ever have some exciting news for you! Do you remember when you prayed for me to get rich, and for a good wife? Well Alhamdu-Lillah Allah (swt) has answered your prayers! Well I am indeed rich now. Do you remember I said I would share my wealth with you, but not my wife, well I have a long miraculous story to tell you, so Oneeb began to relate the whole story to Haseeb. After hearing the miraculous story Haseeb said to Oneeb “My friend! My brother! Today I have realized that my mother’s constant prayers and supplications was never in vain, as I used to feel, and rebuke her. I hope that Allah (swt) can spare her life to see a few more years so that I can make up to her for my bad behaviour by building a Masjid in her name. I would also like to become the Imam for this Masjid, so as to please her.” Oneeb said “May Allah (swt) answer your prayer my friend.” So Oneeb took Haseeb over to his house and introduced him to his new wife, horse and wealth. Haseeb was speechless for over an hour, he said “My friend when you related this story to me I was in shock, but after I saw everything with my eyes I am even more surprised and overjoyed.”

Haseeb then made supplication where he praised and thanked Allah (swt) for answering both him and his friend’s supplication. Oneeb then proceeded to tell Haseeb about the bride that was waiting for him. A couple of days later Oneeb, his wife, Boz and Haseeb arrived at Omar’s house, where Haseeb met his bride and soon married her. On the day of Haseeb’s marriage Oneeb said “My friend you have indeed shared a part of my wife today! Isn’t Allah (swt) the greatest! Yes indeed He is!”

Glory to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne (of Authority)! (He is free) from the things they attribute (to him)! 043:082

The entire morale of this story is that only those people who trade material wealth for spiritual wealth (paradise), and who are constantly in their prayers and supplications will be able to enjoy both types of wealth in this world and the hereafter. The key to the success achieved in this story is obedience, good advice and the trading of material wealth for spiritual wealth. A good and sincere friend is like a strong ladder.

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