The Journey of our Daily Lives – The Circle of Righteousness – Section 1 – Part 2

Glory be to Allah (swt), the Most High, full of Grace and Mercy. He created all things, including man. He gave to man a special place amongst His creation. He honoured man to be His agent, and to that end, endowed him with understanding, purified his affections and his spiritual insight, so that he could understand nature, himself and most of all to recognize Allah (swt) through His wondrous signs, and glorify Him in truth, reverence and unity.

For the fulfillment of this great trust (in Allah, swt), man was further given a will so that his actions reflected Allah’s (swt) universal will and law, and so that his mind (freely choosing), could experience the sublime joy of being in harmony with the infinite, with the great drama of the world around him and his own spiritual growth.

Men fell from unity when his will was warped, bent and twisted. He chose the crooked path of discord, sorrow, pain, selfishness, degradation, ignorance, hatred and despair which caused disbelief to poison his life. He also saw the shapes of evil in the physical, moral and spiritual world, and within himself. Then his soul rose against him causing discord between kith and kin.

Man began to fear the strong and oppress the weak in order to boast his prosperity; he pursed phantoms for the truth and reality. This resulted in unity gone far from his mind. Peace, faith, love, justice and the light of eternal unity has shone in all ages among all nations. Through chosen Apostles of Allah (swt ) who came as man and dwelled among men, to share in joy and sorrow, who also suffered for and with mankind, so that their message and their lives might fulfill the eternal and unchanging purpose of the most High, to lead man to his noblest destiny (which is no other than Jannat).

Be it wealth or be it power, be it strength or be it youth, everything will vanish from this world one day, as they come they will have to go. One day our proud selves will also have to lie in the cold earth, therefore we should seek the remembrance of Allah (swt) Almighty adhere to the teachings of all His Beloved Prophets , especially for our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (owbp), and to all His Angels. If we love and respect Allah’s (swt) commandments we shall surely find Him (Allah swt).

The past never returns, so we must try our best to disregard the evil inclinations of temptation, power and wealth. Instead we should be quite patient, and with the aid of our faith, seek the path of benevolence. This path will for sure find the great treasures of love, respect and obedience of the teachings of all the Prophets especially our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (owbp), the Purifier, the leader of the two worlds, the seal of all Prophets (owbp).

If we are obedient to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (owbp), it is like the morning sunshine, the brilliance of the full moon, which will act as a lamp in our lives to guide us in this world and in the darkness of our graves.

If we want to be loved by Allah (swt) then we must first love all His Prophets, and His Angels. As a reward, He will bless us with guidance, which will save us from the calamities of this fleeting world and the hereafter. If we happen to fall into a trap of the devil, He will bestow upon us a treasure of patience, knowledge, wisdom and understanding to steer us out of the devil’s clutches. We will also be blessed with wisdom, as to how we can help our offspring achieve excellence in their daily lives.

Allah (swt) is so merciful that He would also enable us to bring those who have gone astray back to the right path. This will happen only if we hold firm to our faith in Allah (swt). Our actions both material and spiritual and our existence will beautify this world and the hereafter, Ameen.

If we tread the righteous path, Allah’s (swt) mercy, justice and sympathy will run through every vein in our body. This in turn will help us shun all the vanities of this world. By Allah’s (swt) will, when this path is found, we will be crowned with many successes in this life and the hereafter.

We have to fear Allah (swt), remember Him, serve Him and we shall surely find Him, Ameen.

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