Explore Jihad (the Gospel of Unity) – Part 7: A few Hadith’s

  1. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (owbp) was asked who’s Islam (religion) is best and who is a good Muslim (a believer in oneness of Allah swt) He answered “One who avoids hurting a believer with his tongue and with his hand.”
  2. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (owbp) also said that “No one will have true faith until he likes for his Muslim brother what he likes for himself, and also until he loves Me more than his father, his children and all mankind.
  3. A man went to seek the Holy Prophet’s (owbp) permission to take part in Jihad, so the Holy Prophet (owbp) asked him if his parents are alive, the man answered, “Yes”. The Holy Prophet (owbp) told the man then “exert yourself in their service.”
  4. Once our Beloved Holy Prophet (owbp) was overwhelmed with terrible sorrow, so He looked up at the sky since a cloud was shading him unexpectedly, He then saw Angel Jabriel who called Him and said “Allah (swt) knows your distress, what the people did to you and how much they hurt you.” and so Allah (swt) sent the Angel of the mountain to You, so You may order him to do whatever You wish to those people that hurt You. And so the Angel of the mountain called on the Holy Prophet (owbp) and asked Him if he wants him to crush the people by letting the two mountains fall them. Our Beloved Prophet’s (owbp) reply was “No, but I would like for Allah (swt) to give them children who would be believers and would worship Him and Him alone.
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