Assalaamu Alaikum Wah Rahmatullahay wa Barakaatahu

Assalaamu Alaikum Wah Rahmatullahay wa Barakaatahu

This is just a small request to use our website Allah (swt) has honoured us, thanks and gratitude to Him and His Beloved Rasool: Glory be to Allah (swt) and peace and blessings be upon His Beloved Rasool Salallaho Alaihay Wassalam.

Allah’s (swt) knowledge is all encompassing: so is His power and goodness, the righteous seek the pleasure of God Almighty and find peace: They share their wealth and their knowledge in charity, as they were advised by our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) to give in charity for Allah’s cause because a day will come when one will carry their charity around, but they will not find anyone to take it, and even if they knew someone who might take it, that person will say if you had come yesterday I would have taken it but today I am not in need of it.

This website does not only belong to me and my family but it also belongs to all of you wonderful and respectful ones: and also to your respectful families, friends and relatives.  Let’s work together and nourish it by sharing it, as in charity to our neighbours, friends, relatives and families.

It can also be shared in charity to our non-Muslim brothers and sisters as well.  Allah (swt) says in ch. 64 v. 17: If you loan to Allah (swt) a beautiful loan He will double it to your (credit) and He will grant you forgiveness: Such high value Allah (swt) has put on charity.

Please let’s get rid of our worst enemy which most of us carry within ourselves: and that is pride, greed, envy and selfishness.  To get rid of these daily and deadly objects that love to envelop the mind, we should achieve real prosperity by sharing our website in charity and for the love of Allah (swt) we will for sure get His pleasure and not His displeasure.  Our website is a loan of many spiritual values such as: knowledge, wisdom, understanding, healing and more.

Check it out and share it to all those whom you know, Muslims and non-Muslims.  It is free and the pleasure is all yours.

Thank you and may Allah (swt) reward us all with all the good things in this life and in the hereafter.


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