Allah shows mercy

There are signs in all of Allah’s (swt) creations, but which animal can help us to understand God Almighty’s warnings and justice, just by looking at this animals actions? Believe it or not but a dog’s actions can very well lead one to understand how some of God Almighty’s plan works in His Kingdom.

Allah (swt) is merciful to all those who exercise mercy and justice, and his punishment is serious for those who are unjust and wicked.  A dog can be very vicious and at the same time can be very merciful: A dog can love his master and his masters’ friends, and he is also very protective of his master and all those who love his master. He is also protective of those people who are his master’s friend’s friends.

Allah Almighty is very protective of his Prophets, His Apostles, His friends, His servants and believers.  A dog would bark and viciously attack his master’s enemies or anyone who tries to attack his master.  All those who are an enemy to Allah’s Angels, His prophets and his believing servants, He is an enemy to them. (Lets bear this in our own minds at all times)


Allah Almighty is the Master of His own Self, and the master of the whole universe, and his warnings of mercy and punishment are true and sincere. He guards and He protects the good, the faithful and the pious. He punishes the bad, the wicked and the unjust who are his enemies.  Look around and grasp from His signs in His creations, it would help us to understand how He works in His kingdom and how serious is His promises in justice and in punishment.

Some say that Allah Almighty is cruel: Allah swt is not intent on punishment.  He created man virtuous and pure, and he gave man intelligence and knowledge. He surrounded him with all sorts’ of instruments of His grace and mercy.  If in spite of all this, man distorts his own will and goes against god’s will, yet God’s forgiveness is  open to him, it is only when man makes his own sight blind and changes his own nature or soul away from the beautiful mould in which he was created from, and begins to mock and ridicule god almighty then he puts himself into the category of God Almighty’s enemy, and as such, he deserves the full consequences of the same fate as God Almighty’s enemy.

The fire of hell will descend upon him. Let us keep away from the chief deceiver, shaitan and his evil whispering and ignore the ignorant.  May Allah (swt) bless us and keep us always on the right path amen.



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